Identity/Access Management Suite supports various security options.

Press Release Summary:

Through integrated Cloud Access and SSO, PortWise v4.8 lets organizations integrate cloud computing into their enterprise network. PortForwarding lets users natively and securely proxy applications without SSL VPN client. While digital signatures can be deployed using various forms of PKI, PortWise TruID also supports digital signatures using OTPs. Additional support is provided for SAML and extended SAML as well as Identity Federation with integration of certificates.

Original Press Release:

PortWise 4.8 Delivers PortForwarding, Digital Signatures and Extended Cloud Security

PortWise is proud to announce the availability of PortWise 4.8, the latest version of the PortWise Identity and Access Management product suite. This release reinforces PortWise's vision and commitment to provide optimized, secure application access together with versatile authentication services for organizations and enterprises, thus enabling customers with PortWise to securely embrace the promises of cloud computing.

Bangalore, INDIA - October 9, 2009 - PortWise, a leader within the Identity and Access Management space, announced a new version of its Identity and Access Management product suite. The new release is focused on extending application support, enabling digital signatures and extending cloud security options.

"Cloud Security is topping the agenda at many organizations today, and even if we are still in the early stages where many great things are still to come, we have already stepped in to help organizations securely embrace and integrate cloud computing with their enterprises", said Per Hagero, VP Products.

Highlights of the new version include:

Extended Cloud Access and SSO - End users need not be concerned from where applications and services are deployed. PortWise Cloud Access and SSO enable organizations to integrate cloud computing into their enterprise network.

PortForwarding - With PortWise PortForwarding it's now possible to natively and securely proxy applications without the need for an SSL VPN client. This is now possible by using certificate authentication between the client and server.

Extended Identity Federation - PortWise 4.8 extends its support for Identity Federation with the integration of certificates, as well as support for SAML and extended SAML.

Digital Signatures - PortWise 4.8 can further deploy digital signatures using various forms of PKI. In addition, PortWise TruID already supports digital signatures using OTPs (one-time passwords).

Simplified Certificate Management - With the new Java Security Provider it's now even easier to manage certificates used in the PortWise system.

The new version of the PortWise solution is available now. Current PortWise customers with active maintenance agreements can download the new version from the PortWise Partner Portal.

About PortWise
Trusted Identity and Access Management specialist PortWise, provides a comprehensive, integrated and secure software platform protecting the integrity of employee, partner, or consumer interactions with corporate applications and data across the internet. PortWise enables organizations to protect the integrity of their systems with convenient, low-cost, mobile two-factor authentication, and in-depth device security. In a world ridden with identity theft and corporate espionage, PortWise protects over 1500 organizations and 15 million users.

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