ICOMold's New Instant Injection Mold Quoting System

Recently, we at ICOMold released our new Instant Online Injection Mold Quoting Project Management System which has been in development for over two years. It's a very unique system and as a graphic designer and marketing manager (not a CAD engineer) I think the system is remarkable.

Here's how it works:

You have a 3D CAD model of a plastic part (or parts) that you would like to have injection molded. Once you have registered in ICOMold's system, you upload your 3D CAD file, typically a .stp file (we have the ability to convert from other formats, but .stp is the standard). Once uploaded to the system you can view the parts inside the system; you can turn them, rotate them, and zoom in and out. Then you choose your materials, finish, color, number of mold cavities, quantity of parts, and shipping options. As you make changes the system instantly updates the cost of the mold and the parts. When you are finished, you submit your unconfirmed quote to ICOMold, our project managers take a closer look at the unconfirmed quote, and the model.

They check if the part is moldable making sure it's not too thick or thin in areas for example. Also, your unconfirmed quote may decrease or increase slightly depending on factors that the quoting system's logic cannot see or anticipate, i.e. depending on complexity your part may need a slide action (which would increase the tool's cost), or perhaps it wouldn't (which would reduce the tool's cost). The project managers and engineers make these determinations then send a firm quote back to you for approval.

This Online System is a great tool for determining your preliminary cost. Plus you can communicate with us as well as view your mold and parts' status.

In addition to this great Instant Online System, you get our tireless team working on your project and a cost savings of 30%–50% over our contemporaries in the industry. ICOMold can get your quote to you instantly, your parts fast, and keep more of your money in your pocket so you can declare that you came in under budget!

Register and try it out yourself. Not only is it fast and secure, it's actually quite fun too.


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