IC-TAG Solutions Earns RFID Technology Certification from Alien Technology

Advancing Globalization of IC-Tag (TM) Labels and Tags

IC-TAG Solutions, Inc., a credited eco-friendly manufacturer of UHF and HF RFID labels, tags, and other security enhanced products announced its certification from Alien Technology to use its EPC Gen 2 RFID inlays. Security enhanced products also produced by IC-TAG(TM) include wristbands, sensor tags, watermarks, preprinted logos, UV/invisible printing and glow in the dark printing. IC-TAG(TM) RFID labels and tags aid customers in safely identifying, tracking and managing vital resources and transactions accurately and more efficiently. Additionally, IC-TAG(TM) offers thermal transfer printers to print compliance labeling, baggage tagging, retail labeling and asset tracking.

IC-TAG Solutions(TM) partnership with Alien Technology aided them in testing RFID labels and tags to ensure high-quality products for customers including the US Department of Defense (DoD), General Services Administration (GSA), retail and pharmaceutical companies. Alien Technology's recent accreditation by EPC Global Inc. Test Center Program (v.2.0) for complying with EPC Global Inc. performance test center specifications for certified services and core technical capabilities illustrates its commitment to provide high-quality products for its partners including IC-Tag(TM). Their partnership with IC-TAG Solutions(TM) also furthers Alien Technology's dedication to the growing specialty technology markets by strengthening and enlarging the RFID channel to territories in United States, Canada and Latin America, Asia, Europe and Australia. Together IC-TAG Solutions(TM) and Alien Technology will continue to keep the price of RFID and other security enhanced products competitive and dependable.

Currently, IC-TAG Solutions Inc. utilizes Alien Technology's EPC Gen 2 "Squiggle," "Squiglette," and "Square" inlays in their IC-TAG(TM) RFID labels and tags. Alien Technology is a worldwide RFID technology industry leader. Alien uses its own propriety microchip, Higgs 3, to produce its UHF RFID tracking devices. Alien's products and services were recognized as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies under the Support Anti-terrorism by Fostering Effective Technologies (SAFETY) Act of 2002 for airports baggage and cargo handling systems. And Alien Technology's advanced read-range and software interfaces make it simpler for customers to utilize RFID reporting for LAN and WAN based networks.

"This certification from Alien Technology allows IC-TAG Solutions to solidify their presence and expertise in custom RFID converting with leading inlay manufacturers such as Alien Technology," said Olga Green, the Marketing Director for IC-TAG Solutions Inc. "Because IC-TAG(TM) is one of the only companies that specialize in RFID converting, they can economically and efficiently produce a wide range of products that others may not."

To learn more about IC-TAG's(TM) products, please visit its website at www.ictagsolutions.com.

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