IAM-9C-SECCAL Calibration Slide comes with black background.

Press Release Summary:

IAM-9C-SECCAL Color Transmission Calibration Slide contains 24 colors in 4 × 6 array. Slide offers transmission response from 340 to 830 nm with 5-nm increments. Units are manufactured, serialized and individually calibrated using spectrophotometer and come in wooden case with calibration certificate, calibration data report, conversion spreadsheet and a USB flash drive. Unit’s each 24 4150-μm-diameter patches are calibrated individually.

Original Press Release:

NIST-Traceable Color Transmission Calibration Slide for Digital Pathology Imaging

New from APPLIED IMAGE Inc., a leader in image analysis microscopy calibration standards

Developed with input from bright-field microscopy experts, the IAM-9C-SECCAL color transmission calibration slide from APPLIED IMAGE Inc. offers NIST-traceable color integrity of digitally captured microscopy images.

“The significance of digital imaging applications in all aspects of the many industries that employ this technology – including histology, pathology, food processing, etc. – often rely on the accuracy and/or change in color to detect problems,” said Glenn Jackling, president of APPLIED IMAGE. “Our NIST-traceable color calibration standard, the IAM-9C-SECCAL, provides users with a tool to ensure the consistency of their results.”

Traceability is critical in digital pathology imaging and anywhere that digital imaging of microscopy results and connecting imaging across the entire imaging chain are paramount. Basing the reported data directly on the NIST-traceable spectral transmission versus wavelength delivers greater accuracy and lower uncertainty.

“To realize the enormous potential of machine learning and AI applied to pathology images, their color intensity standardization is a necessity,” said Calum MacAulay, of the British Columbia Cancer Research Center. “Products such as the IAM-9C-SECCAL will help meet this potential.”

The slide contains 24 colors in a 4 × 6 array, similar to the MacBeth color checker. Each of the 24 4150-μm-diameter patches is individually calibrated. Smaller patches from 1000 to 150 μm are exposed and processed at the same time to produce good correlation of the large calibrated patches to the smaller ones. A user needs only to take an image of one of the arrays in order to use the calibration data provided for the slide.

The color calibration slide is manufactured, serialized and individually calibrated utilizing a state-of-the art spectrophotometer. The spectral transmission response (%T) from 340 to 830 nm is recorded for each color patch and reported in 5-nm increments. This data allows users to calibrate imaging systems and color correct images taken.

A black background minimizes flare and a large clear area is used to establish a baseline transmission through glass, making the slide versatile across many applications. With a standard 0.15-mm glass cover slip permanently cemented over the color film, the slide can be used with oil immersion objectives.

The product is software-agnostic, allowing data to be converted to the desired color space, such as Adobe RGB 1998, L*A*B*, XYZ, etc., utilizing a supplied spreadsheet.

Included with the product are the calibrated IAM-9C-SECCAL color microscope slide, a calibration certificate, calibration data report, conversion spreadsheet and a USB flash drive with data and spreadsheet, all in a protective wooden case.


APPLIED IMAGE Inc., located in Rochester, N.Y., is a world leader in the design and manufacture of precision-imaged optical components intended for a wide range of applications and industries that require NIST-traceable standards and/or precisionimaged components to test, calibrate, align, control or measure their optical or photonics systems. In addition to its large catalog of standard products, APPLIED IMAGE specializes in designing and manufacturing custom components, imaged to the strictest tolerances. Its mission is to provide the highest-quality products and customer service to consistently meet and exceed the expectations of its customers.

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