I/O Module enables remote system automation.

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Designed with IP67 protection, X67 system provides remote I/O directly on machine and indicates status information via LEDs or software. Unit, measuring 2 x 3.3 x 1.26 in., tolerates distances up to 300 ft between modules and offers diagnostic functions and performance characteristics of less than 1 ms update for 1,000 digital plus 50 analog I/O. It supports CAN, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus DP, and ETHERNET Powerlink(TM) protocols.

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B&R X67 I/O System

Remote Automation - Maximum flexibility in a compact design The B&R X67 system frees I/O Modules from the switching cabinet by providing a comprehensive remote I/O directly on the machine. X67 I/O Modules are designed for rough industrial conditions and as standard have IP67 protection and excellent EMC properties. Extensive status information, directly indicated via LEDs or software, is available on all X67 I/O system modules. The X67 I/O system provides a cost reduction through easy handling (e.g. expensive wiring is reduced to two lines: bus and power lines), seamless integration, extensive diagnostic functions and optimal serviceability. A wide Varity of I/O modules with a compact design (module footprint about the size of a credit card), and distances up to 300 feet between modules give the customer absolute freedom when constructing a system. This allows comprehensive remote automation to become reality. The following overview summarizes the main benefits of the X67 I/O system: o Cost reduction: Reduced field wiring, shorter start-up times and lower service costs. o Flexibility: Optimal for modular machine design as well as maximum flexibility for future machine upgrades. o Performance: < 1 ms update for 1000 digital + 50 analog I/O's. 253 Modules per line in 328 feet segment lengths. o Dimensions: Compact and ergonomic module size of 2 x 3.3 x 1.26 inches. o Open Communication: CAN, CANopen, DeviceNet, Profibus DP and ETHERNET Powerlink(TM). o Other Features: Integrated Status LED's, totally sealed housing for use in rough environments, central attachments for sliding lock nut installations. The X67 I/O system family consisting of a wide variety of Analog and Digital I/O Modules, Bus Controllers, Serial Interfaces, Temperature Modules and Encoder Interfaces, has been further expanded by additional modules in 2004. X67 Bus Controllers - Free choice of Fieldbusses The bus controller in the X67 I/O system is the communicative system connection to the world of open fieldbusses. From the point of view of the controller, it is a normal Profibus DP, CANopen, DeviceNet or ETHERNET Powerlink(TM) device, defined using the corresponding description files (GSD, EDS, etc.). The system is configured as normal using the corresponding fieldbus configurator. The whole range of the X67 I/O system is available behind the respective slave, independent of the bus connections. All bus controllers are available as compact fieldbus modules. A new feature is the bus controller with an integrated T-connector. One fieldbus input and output are both accommodated in the extended housing. Additionally, there is a further connection for a X2X Link expansion string. There are also digital channels integrated within this module, a total of 16 freely definable input or outputs, divided into eight M12 connectors. Additional Analog Channels for X67 I/O Modules The number of analog inputs and outputs has been increased on the B&R X67 I/O System. Four new modules expand the current product spectrum. These new modules are high-speed, easy to service, and seamlessly integrated into an existing programming tool - all valuable advantages for the user. High-Speed Machine decentralization, ideally supported with the X67 I/O System, requires efficient components including higher speed in the analog channel conversions. All analog channels are converted in less than 400 microseconds, and data is passed synchronously to the PLC. Seven different input filter can be configured using software. This allows adjustments to the respective application requirements to be optimized. Easy To Service To ensure ease of service, X67 modules provide enhanced diagnostic options. Every I/O point has a status LED, in addition the status of the channel can be evaluated by the application software. This makes on-site visual diagnostics just as possible as complete evaluation and display by the application program on a central visualization unit. Due to a uniform and sophisticated EMC design, channels are immune to reverse polarity and short circuits to provide protection during commissioning. Seamless Integration The X67 module world is seamlessly integrated into the B&R Automation Studio(TM) programming and diagnostics tool. This allows the user to be able to work with the same software tool used for all other system components. More information: office.us@br-automation.com

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