I/O Gateway provides redundant Ethernet interface.

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EtherTRAK® Model ET-GT-ST-3, for distributed I/O clusters, employs 2 Ethernet ports, allowing 2 unique IP addresses to be used for redundant networking. Gateway supports open Modbus/TCP, ASCII, and RTU and can poll EtherTRAK Ethernet I/O modules. DIN-rail or panel-mounted unit is encased in Lexan/metal shell and withstands temperatures from -40 to +70°C. Setup wizards facilitate configuration and eliminate need for programming.

Original Press Release:

New EtherTRAK® Redundant Ethernet I/O Gateway

Never lose data again due to simple cable failures!

The new EtherTRAK® Redundant Ethernet I/O Gateway (model ET-GT-ST-3) provides a redundant Ethernet interface for distributed I/O clusters. The ET-GT-ST-3 extends SIXNET's rugged EtherTRAK® automation line of real-time industrial Ethernet switches, direct Ethernet I/O, and Ethernet to Modbus converters.

Without redundant networking, simple cable failures can lead to loss of control and I/O data. Using the ET-GT-ST-3 helps ensure fault-tolerant I/O updates in mission critical systems. Because the ET-GT-ST-3 has two Ethernet ports, two unique IP addresses can be used for redundant networking purposes (the secondary IP provides the backup communications path).

Open Modbus/TCP, ASCII, and RTU (including Master, Slave, and Passthru functionality) are supported by the ET-GT-ST-3. The ET-GT-ST-3 can interface with thousands of I/O. There is tremendous flexibility in system design with the ET-GT-ST-3 because there are over 20 types of SixTRAK I/O modules to connect with. The ET-GT-ST-3 can also poll EtherTRAK Ethernet I/O modules.

No programming is required to setup the ET-GT-ST-3 because SIXNET's setup "wizards" provide quick and easy configuration.

The ET-GT-ST-3 can be DIN rail or direct panel mounted, and comes encased in a rugged Lexan and metal shell for added durability. The ET-GT-ST-3 can withstand temperature extremes from -40 to 70°C and is Zone 2, UL, CSA, CE and DNV rated.

For more information on the ET-GT-ST-3 and redundant industrial data acquisition and control systems, contact SIXNET at 518-877-5173, e-mail sales@sixnetio.com, or visit SIXNET online at www.sixnetio.com.

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