HyLite LED’s Intigo™ Retrofit Lamp Series feature illumination up to 145 LPW.

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HyLite LED’s Intigo™ Retrofit Lamp Series are available in Omni-Directional, Post-Top and Downlight variants. Units offer rated life of 60,000 hours and are IP65 rated. Omni-directional version is available in 14 W and 20 W options and can fit in tight applications whereas Post-Top is suitable for sidewalks and roadway applications. Downlight model offers wide and uniform 150° beam angle which is ideal for low bays, canopies, parking and garage applications.

Original Press Release:

HyLite LED Expands LED Solutions with New Retrofit Series

LED Retrofit lamps intended to replace metal halide, high pressure sodium, and other HID light sources have grown tremendously in popularity because of their lower initial investment and high return on investment. Retrofit lamps cut energy consumption by up to 80%, provide years of maintenance-free operation, and offer the lowest total cost of ownership of any lighting technology. For these reasons, they play an important role in driving adoption to LED technology and promoting energy reduction and sustainability.

Despite the growing popularity of LED Retrofit lamps, there have always been applications where they do not work because of size constraints or light distribution requirements. To expand the availability of applications for LED Retrofit lamps and help drive adoption, HyLite LED is excited to introduce a new series of ultra-efficient retrofit lamps.

The New HyLite LED Intigo™ series features ultra-efficient illumination of up to 145 LPW in three different form-factors and distributions:

  •  HyLite LED Omni-Directional (OD) Intigo™: Compact 14W and 20W LED Lamps to replace 70W & 100W MH/HPS lamps. The HyLite LED OD Intigo™ Lamp's proprietary design allows it to fit in tight applications where LED retrofit lamps have traditionally been unable to work.
  •  HyLite LED Post-Top (PT) Intigo™: Designed as a dedicated Post-Top LED retrofit lamp to deliver light towards sidewalks and roadways with minimal wasted lumens and light pollution. 40W & 55W Models to replace up to 250W MH/HPS lamps.
  • HyLite LED Downlight (DL) Intigo™: Wide & Uniform 150° Beam Angle for use in Low Bays, Canopies, Parking Garages, and other downlighting applications. Proprietary design and compact overall length expand the applications for LED Retrofit solutions. 40W & 55W Models to replace 175W and 250W MH/HPS lamps.

HyLite LED's Intigo™ Series is rated for up to 60,000 hours of rated life, lasting 3 to 6 times longer than MH/HPS lamps. They feature quick and easy installation by simply bypassing the ballast and screwing in the lamp. HyLite LED Intigo™ lamps are completely protected from dust infiltration or water splashes with an IP Rating of 65. For More information on this new series of retrofit lamps, visit HyLite LEDs website at www.HyLiteLEDLighting.com

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