Hygienic Dispenser ensures precision dosing.

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Based on endless piston principle with adjustable suckback, VHD Hygienic Dispenser optimizes precision dosing on semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines in food and cosmetics sectors. Dispenser is capable of delivering micro doses as well as applying difficult high-viscosity liquids, including decorative finishes with icing or chocolate.

Original Press Release:

New ViscoTec Hygienic Dispenser at FachPack 2016

Optimised delivery processes on semi-automatic and fully automatic production lines

The VHD Hygienic Dispenser is this year's product innovation from ViscoTec. It promises huge potential for optimising precision dosing in the food and cosmetics sectors. Based on ViscoTec's proven endless piston principle, the dispenser impresses not only with its accuracy and precision but also with its ability to meet the most stringent hygiene requirements.

Dosing and delivering micro doses is a breeze for the VHD. “It impresses not only with its outstanding hygienic standards, which come close to those of the pharmaceutical industry,” explains Wolfgang Merklein, Head of Food & Cosmetics at ViscoTec, “but also through the ease with which it can be implemented on production lines with regard to dosing small quantities in the production of food and cosmetics. With VHD in our portfolio, we couldn't be better equipped for Industry 4.0 and individualisation concepts such as customised food.”

The new dispenser is even capable of delivering or applying difficult high-viscosity liquids with aplomb. Decorative finishes with icing or chocolate or even the delivery of complex cosmetic products can be achieved with simple process steps.

Entirely new possible uses and ranges of applications which were until now limited in the food and cosmetics industry are becoming reality. The benefits of the endless piston principle (adjustable suckback, for example, which guarantees clean dosing and maximum precision) can be used for the very first time in all manner of delivery and dosing applications in the field of hygiene and aseptics.

Together with the ViscoTec products for the food and pharmaceutical sectors, which have earned a reputation for reliability (equipment for emptying vessels and the Pharma Dispenser, for example), the “newbie” is closing the gap and also offers ideal options for dosing in the food and cosmetics sectors.

ViscoTec pump and dosing technology at FachPack 2016  ̶  Hall 3A, Stand 206.

ViscoTec – Perfectly dosed!

ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH primarily deals in systems required for conveying, dosing, applying, delivering and extracting medium to high-viscosity media. The technological market leader has its headquarters in Töging a. Inn in the Altötting district of Upper Bavaria, Germany. With subsidiaries in the USA, China and Singapore, ViscoTec employs a total of just under 120 people worldwide. Numerous dealers across the globe expand the company's international sales and distribution network. As well as delivering technologically advanced solutions for even the most complex of tasks, ViscoTec is a one-stop-shop for all components for every aspect of the application, from removal to product preparation and beyond to dosing. Successful interplay between all components is thus assured. All media, which in certain cases can have a viscosity of up to 7,000,000 mPas, are conveyed and dosed practically free of pulsation and with an extremely low shear force. Comprehensive support is available for every application. If necessary, extensive tests can be carried out (in close collaboration with the customer, of course). ViscoTec metering pumps and dosing systems are optimised for the application at hand: in food applications, in the automotive sector, in the aerospace industry and in pharmaceuticals – to name but a few.

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Elisabeth Lenz, Head of Marketing

ViscoTec Pumpen- u. Dosiertechnik GmbH

Amperstraße 13 | 84513 Töging a. Inn | Germany

Tel.: +49 (0) 8631 9274-447

elisabeth.lenz@viscotec.de  | www.viscotec.de

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