Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor monitors SPM/Piranha baths.

Press Release Summary:

Fully automatic dFFOZ-P(TM) continuously monitors and controls concentrations of critical peroxide in SPM bath (Piranha bath) in semiconductor manufacturing cleaning processes. Installed in-line at flow rates to 150 SLPM and temperatures in excess of 140ºC, sensor incorporates analog and digital output as well as dual optical path sample sensing technology. Measurement range covers concentrations from 700:1 to 4:1 in volumes from 0-70,000 mg/L.

Original Press Release:

dFFOZ-P(TM) Sensor Continuously Monitors Peroxide in SPM / Piranha Bath for Higher Yields

Norwood, Massachusetts, USA - The new dFFOZ-P(TM) (Dissolved Full Flow) state-of-the-art Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor from IN USA, Inc. is designed to very accurately monitor and control the concentrations of the critical peroxide in an SPM bath, also know as Piranha bath, in semiconductor manufacturing cleaning processes. Compact and fully automatic, the dFFOZ-P continuously and instantaneously monitors the concentration of peroxide, enabling the automatic spiking of the SPM solution. This results in repeatable etch rates and cleaning with high reproducibility and fewer defects.

In making the announcement, Ben Battat, Vice President at IN USA, Inc., said, "Continuous monitoring and control of the peroxide portion of the bath ensures more repeatable, reliable cleaning and higher yields. Improper concentrations can cause serious contamination on wafers being processed. Maintaining proper mixtures ensures tighter production control and reduces costs, thereby increasing productivity. The dFFOZ-P is ideal for this application because it mounts in-line, in-situ, measuring continuously at the point of use."

The dFFOZ-P provides measurement of a wide range of concentrations from very dilute concentrations (700:1) up to very high concentrations (4:1) from 0 to 70,000 mg/L. The Model dFFOZ-P(TM) is "clean ready" for high purity semiconductor processes, and can be installed in-line at flow rates up to 150 SLPM and at temperatures in excess of 140º C. The dFFOZ-P incorporates analog and digital output proportional to concentrations, providing feedback ideal to keep the concentrations of the SPM solutions within the allowable ranges and therefore eliminate unnecessary chemical replacement, thus minimizing operating costs.

The Model dFFOZ-P(TM) Sensor incorporates IN USA's innovative (patented) dual optical path sample sensing technology to provide unparalleled performance.

A typical installation consists of the Model dFFOZ-P(TM) Sensor, a Model Mini-SCI controller, and an interconnecting Teflon® jacketed cable..

All the IN USA controllers are microprocessor-based, feature an alphanumeric display, 0-10 VDC and 4- 20 mA opto-isolated analog outputs, bi-directional RS232 digital communications and AutoZero capability.

IN USA, Inc. is a leading developer and supplier of advanced ozone instrumentation and control systems. IN USA, Inc. offers a complete line of instruments for measurement of different gases in air and liquid phases. For more information, visit www.inusacorp.com, or contact the company at 100 Morse Street, Norwood, MA 02062, USA, Toll free: 1-800-798-4029, Phone: (1) 781-444-2929, Fax: (1) 781-444-9229; E-mail: info@inusacorp.com.

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