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Hydro Engineering Inc. Installs Environmentally Green Turf Equipment Wash Rack

Hydro Engineering Inc. has successfully installed another green environmentally friendly turf equipment wash rack. Included with this installation was our patented Hydropad above ground wash rack with Hydrokleen water filtration and a Hydroblaster [pressure washer].

The 14' wide X 40' long Hydropad wash rack allows for multiple pieces of turf equipment to be washed at once. The drive thru design means that as turf equipment comes onto the wash rack, it is washed, driven off the Hydropad and more equipment comes right in behind allowing for constant flow of equipment thru the Hydropad. All wash water and contaminates are collected and then processed thru Hydrokleen recycling equipment that then recycles the wash water back into the wash process. Nothing is waste. Everything is captured and recycled in this green turf wash rack.

Hydro Engineering Inc has made breakthroughs in "green, environmentally friendly" water technology. Their patented technology has revolutionized the way turf equipment is washed by eliminating clogged drains and odors from the filtered recycled water, all while insuring this green technology that complies with the Clean Water Act. This entire turf wash rack is above ground. The requirement of a concrete pad with an in ground collection pit that gets clogged with grass daily is a thing of the past. Architecture, permitting and construction to build a wash rack, is no longer required.

The turf equipment wash rack only requires electric power and water for operation, and can be placed on any surface. It does not even require a connection to a sewer. All the collected wash water is recycled through the Hydrokleen [filtration system] where it is then processed back to a Hydroblaster pressure washer or a garden hose sprayer. The ability to stay in compliance with the clean water act and have either a permanent or temporary [wash rack] adds flexibility to the Hydro Engineering Inc equipment.

What is the difference between constructing a wash rack and installing a Hydropad wash rack? Time is of the essence. A construction project requires an architectural design, then permitting and of course construction which can take time to complete. The above ground option of the Hydro Engineering Inc. system takes 30 days to arrive on site and can be completely installed with the customer also going through operational and maintenance training in just days after the equipment arrives. If the wash rack needs to move, only a Hydropad above ground system will fit this requirement.

Here is how the turf equipment wash rack system works:
Equipment is driven up onto the Hydropad wash rack. The Hydropad wash racks have an impervious top that slopes to a side gutter or trough. As the wash water and debris lands on the top surface of the Hydropad, troughs guide the collected water and debris to the side gutter. There is a flip screen (for easy grass removal) that runs the entire length of the gutter. This flip screen collects 99% of the grass and greatly reduces overall system maintenance. The patented Hydropad and gutter system solves the problem of clogged in ground sumps on a concrete wash pad. At one end of the gutter is a pump. As the water is collected, the pump in the gutter pumps the collected water to the Hydrokleen [water filtration] system where solids, hydrocarbons, metals and organics are removed. The filtered water is cleaned and processed back to the Hydroblaster [pressure washer] or a pressurized garden hose, where it can be used continuously during the wash process.

Equipment flexibility can be an important aspect when considering a wash rack. Brian Murray, Superintendant of Wexford Plantation Golf Course says "We are very pleased with the ease of operation of this unit. Our grounds people come in from the course, pull onto the pad, wash and put the equipment away. One of the biggest advantages of the Hydropad is that we can move it if needed. Our long range plan is to move the pad to the other side of our maintenance shop, and this system enables us to do that".

Hydro Engineering Inc. will be exhibiting this exciting new green technology at the Golf Industry Show, Orlando FL February 7-11, 2011 booth 771.

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