Hydro Engineering has Patented its Hydropad Side Gutter Drag Conveyor Which Automatically Separates Solids from Liquids Making Gutter Maintenance Automatic

Using Hydro Engineering Inc’s Hydropad with gutter drag conveyor, solids that arrive in the Hydropad gutter are transported and removed from one end of the gutter while liquids flow via gravity to opposite end. The result is automatic solids liquid separation.

Salt Lake City (PRWeb) July 29, 2020 -- Hydro Engineering has been granted a patent for its new “Gutter Drag Conveyor”. This tool automatically separates the wash water stream into two outputs, one for dewatered solids and the other for liquid. The drag conveyor may be incorporated into anyHydropad above ground steel wash rack system.

Operation couldn’t be easier; just set conveyor speed with the variable frequency drive controller and turn power on. Operation is fully automatic. Maintenance is reduced by the slow conveyor speed. Access to conveyor components for service is enhanced with lockable hinged access doors.

A Business considering a wash rack should answer these questions:

  • Location and climate
  • Utilities available (power, water, sewer)
  • What vehicles or equipment are being washed
  • Number of pieces per day
  • Estimated volume of solids removed from equipment or vehicles
  • Will this wash rack ever require relocation

Hydro Engineering Inc’s in gutter drag conveyor is an attachment that can be added to existing Hydropad wash racks, or optioned with new Hydropad wash racks. This simple design automatically removes as much as 95% of solids from the wash water stream allowing clarified wash water to be discharged, virtually solids free, to filtration recycling equipment or back to wash operations.

Patented gutter drag conveyor reduces wash rack house cleaning. Solids reduction also benefits wastewater treatment and recycling equipment with ease of use and reducing wash rack treatment equipment maintenance.

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