Hydraulic Presses offer presence sensing device initiation.

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Presses are equipped with PSDI (Presence Sensing Device Initiation) capabilities, which work with control systems using electro-optical (light curtain) guarding to activate press cycle. After photoelectric barrier is broken once by press operator to remove finished part and again upon placement of new part, sensors detect that the point of operation is clear of operator's hands or other objects, and press automatically cycles.

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Beckwood Now Offers Presses Equipped with PSDI Capability

St Louis, MO - Beckwood Press Company now offers hydraulic presses equipped with PSDI (Presence Sensing Device Initiation) for increased productivity and safety. The PSDI control system involves the use of electro-optical (light curtain) guarding to activate the press cycle, as opposed to a traditional two-hand touch button system.

As the press operator breaks the photoelectric barrier to remove a finished part, sensors detect the beam interruption and send a signal to the control system. When the beam is again interrupted by the operator's placement of a new part into the press, sensors send a second signal to the press' control system. After the second beam interruption, when the sensors have detected that the point of operation is clear of the operator's hands or other objects, the press will automatically cycle.

This automation of the press controls can significantly increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue by eliminating the need for two-hand touch button depression to cycle the machine. The use of PSDI systems has been reported to increase average manufacturing productivity by 35%. The PSDI system can increase safety by protecting non-operator employees near the press who would not be protected by manual actuation alone.

Beckwood recently delivered a 350 ton programmable die cutting press and a 42 ton hydraulic punch press, each equipped with a PSDI system. More information about these press examples can be found by visiting www.beckwoodpress.com and typing 324 and 320 in the bottom left hand search engine.

The Beckwood Press Company utilizes proven and standard designs that are tailored to their customer's specific applications. They offer a variety of low cost, high-quality hydraulic presses from 2-2000+ tons. These presses can be made for virtually any industry, with an unlimited amount of capabilities and options. The company is based in St. Louis, MO USA and has recently celebrated their 31st year in business. They are located on the web at www.beckwoodpress.com.

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