Hydratight Supplies Multi-Unit Tensioning System to Maanshan

WHEN engineers at the Maanshan nuclear plant in Taiwan needed to replace their Biach RPV stud tensioning system, they returned to the Hydratight company whose products they had known and trusted for years.

The Biach RPV tensioning system was supplied as part of the turnkey package when the plant - one of four in Taiwan - came online in the early 90s. Though it had given exemplary service for 20 years, its future was coming into question.

Rather than replace it with Hydratight's latest, state-of-the-art Biach SCT multi-unit
tensioner, Maanshan opted for a "like-for-like" unit, as close as possible in design
and operation to the one they had decided to retire.

"The plant's engineers and technicians were so familiar with the system they had been using for so long that they simply wanted to buy the same product again - but of
course, some of the components were no longer available; these systems
have moved on," explained Hydratight's global powergen market leader, Gavin Coopey.

"But Hydratight engineers are used to customising and adapting designs to
meet a customer's very specific requirements and re-engineered some of the small components within the original specification."

The final order, worth in the region of $1m, included three individual QD
ten sioners, with a spare tensioner for redundancy, hydraulic pumping unit and all necessary hoses and harnesses. One of Hydratight's engineers was also on site to supervise initial use and train staff.

Before the new equipment arrived, Hydratight was able to offer technical support to
Maanshan. When site engineers experienced some difficulty replacing a seal during
planned maintenance of the existing Biach tensioning equipment, Hydratight
managed to get one of its own engineers there overnight from Singapore to help.

"We are especially pleased with the Maanshan project, because it gave us the
opportunity to demonstrate our global service," said Gavin.

For further information visit www.hydratight.com or contact Gavin Coopey at

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