Hydratight Extends On-Site Machining Range

Market-leading joint integrity specialist Hydratight has extended its on-site machining catalogue with the launch of several new multi-unit tool ranges.

The expanded powered-tool range is now widely available for sale or rental throughout the US, as well as in Canada and South America, and includes flange facing tools, orbital milling machines, portable tapping and drilling, hot-tapping machines, larger-scale mills and gantry mills.

One of the most popular models in the range is the pneumatically-operated, internally-mounted, MM1000i flange facer, capable of refacing flanges from 6in-40in diameter and featuring quick-set jaws, a powered 360-degree tool post and three-groove-feed gearbox.

"It is an extremely versatile and portable tool with the latest high-efficiency technology and a low-noise drive," said Hydratight's global machining products manager, Mike Mroz.

"The facer has already been extensively tested and used throughout the rest of the world and offers the high specification our clients demand; it ranks among the very best on the market."

Hydratight will offer a wide range of internally- and externally-mounted facing machines covering sizes up to the usual US maximum of 120in and beyond, the largest being a 157in model.

Units come in a range of sizes ("i" denotes internal mount; "e" denotes external mount, "ie" can operate in either mode): MM300e (0-12in); MM600e (0-24in); MM305i (2in-12in); MM610i (2in-24in), MM860i (6in-34in); MM1000i (6in-40in); MM1500i (12in-60in); MM2000i (24in-80in); MM600ie (0in-80in); MM3000i (45in-120in); MM1080ie (0-157in);

All sizes offer the same high-efficiency operation and ease of use as the MM1000i.

· Flange tools are only the start of Hydratight's new range. At the other end of the scale, Hydratight's new WP Orbital Mills have been specifically developed to ease the task of machining the root-end inserts of wind-turbine rotor blades. The mills have capacities encompassing blades from 100ft-262ft long, with pitch circle diameters from 6ft-14.75ft.

The hydraulically-driven mills are available in four sizes, to cover everything from smaller wind turbines up to large offshore units. They accept industry-standard tooling and offer exceptional, high-precision flatness, despite being sufficiently portable to be moved easily from job to job on the factory floor.

The following sizes are available: WP2500 (60in-98in); WP3500 (60in0138in); WP4500 (98in-178in); WP6000 (98in-237in). Among their features are fast-mount clamps, minimal blade distortion and accurate, highly-repeatable process times. Accessories include trolleys, movers and a laser flatness measurer.

· Also new to Hydratight's catalogue is a range of 10 drilling and tapping products, including externally-mounted casing drills that can create a set of lifting pin holes in a single operation. When used with a band saw, the units allow highly-efficient cutting and decom­missioning of pipeline, conductors, caissons and grouted string groups with diameters from 6in-36in (DDU 1636), 24in-48in (DDU2448) or 36in-56in (DDU3656).

· The casing drills are complemented by Hydratight's new range of hydraulically-powered portable topside and subsea band saws, in five sizes covering ranges from 9in-48in, each with a cutting rate of one inch per minute.

Whether used with or without casing drills, these saws are perfect for all tubular cutting. The subsea units come complete with remote ROV operation clamping, feed, wedge and blade cut systems.

Available models ("SS" are subsea models): BS924 (9in-24in); BS1636 (16in-36in); BS1636SS (16in-36in); BS3248 (32in-48in); BS3248SS (32in-48in).

· Five highly-portable drilling machines also join the Hydratight line-up, perfect for all general drilling and boring applications or stud removal. Features include the ability to directly bolt the machine to the work piece or to connect by an optional switched magnetic base.

Available sizes: HT20 (12in stroke, dia 2in); HT30VF (12in stroke, dia 3in); HT40 (16in stroke, dia 4in); HT50 (16in stroke, dia 5in); HT60VF (17in stroke, dia 5in)

· Two new light-weight, heavy-duty tapping machines make easy work of all on-site tapping requirements. Choose the T30 (12in stroke, dia 3in) for lighter jobs or the T725 (13in stroke, dia 7.25in) for heavier tasks.

· For hot tapping, Hydratight introduces new units cover­ing sizes from 3in-60in diameter. The Hydratight HMT series has high-quality helical gears located close to the cutting face for maximum accuracy, plus a four-speed gearbox, an interchangeable seal cartridge and industry-standard connectors. Sizes above 24in capacity come with an access ladder and skid.

The units tap easily into various materials, pipelines and tanks with the ability to fast-traverse and vary the cutter feed rate. Sizes up to 20in can be operated hydraulically or pneumatically; larger sizes are hydraulic.

The entire range comes with standard boring-bar and flange-adaptor connections for existing equipment. Maximum working pressure is 1,480psi (100bar) at 100F (38C).

Continuous operating temperature is 350F (177C) at 1,025psi (70bar), with an intermittent service rating of -20F (-9C) to 700F (371C) at 700psi (48bar).

Available sizes: MHT3-12 (42in stroke, dia 3-12in); MHT 4-16 (66in stroke, dia 4-16in); MHT4-20 (72in stroke, dia 4-20in); MHT8-24 (80in stroke, dia 8-24in); MHT 12-36 (110in stroke, dia 12-36in); MHT12-42 (130in stroke, dia 12-42in); MHT24-60 (150in stroke, dia dia 24-60).

· The new tools can be powered by Hydratight's existing range of high-spec power supplies, which offer compact portability, high-efficiency and ultra-reliable power in all conditions.

Units include compact 10hp and 20hp electrically-powered hydraulic units and a powerful 26hp, go-anywhere diesel. Each comes with hoses, fittings and a wired remote with a 50ft cable.

The units are strongly built, with innovative features such as removable roller bases and variable-frequency drives - and house the electric motor inside the oil reservoir, to make it more compact!

"We are extremely pleased we have been able to bring this expanded range of tools to the Americas," said Mike Mroz.

"Some of the tools are new, while some are long-established in other territories, but they are all proving their worth on sites every day."

Hydratight offers full sale or rental and maintenance programmes for all its tools.

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