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Press Release Summary:

Integrating in-the-cloud protection and SaaS security services with on-premise virtual appliance, InterScan(TM) Messaging Security Virtual Appliance 8.0 stops email threats close to source without compromising email privacy. Solution is powered by Trend Micro(TM) Smart Protection Network, which scans, filters, and correlates more than 20 billion emails, Websites, and files every day. By scanning URLs embedded in emails, Web Reputation technology determines if link will lead to malicious Website.

Original Press Release:

Trend Micro Launches a Hybrid SaaS Email Security Solution Uniting In-The-Cloud Protection with On-Premise VMware® Ready Virtual Appliance

CUPERTINO, Calif., -- Trend Micro announced today the latest major version of InterScan(TM) Messaging Security Virtual Appliance (IMSVA), newly built as a unique hybrid SaaS email security solution that integrates in-the-cloud protection and SaaS security services with an on-premise virtual appliance so email threats are stopped closest to their source without compromising email privacy while achieving significant management overhead, network bandwidth and data-center consolidation cost savings.

"With 90 percent of all email being spam, it's no wonder companies are struggling to keep up with the increasing volume of emails overloading their networks," said Steve Quane, Chief Product Officer, Trend Micro. "Our next-generation IMSVA unifies the 'best of both worlds': As one part SaaS offering, it does all the heavy lifting of blocking spam outside of the enterprise's network and reducing email volumes up to 90 percent so that less bandwidth, servers and staff are required; as another part on-premise VMware Ready virtual appliance, it allows companies to customize to best meet their enterprise needs while retaining control and privacy over their emails, especially protecting sensitive data from leaving the network."

IMSVA 8.0 is built as a hybrid offering to optimize the benefits of cloud security and virtual appliances, integrated into one solution. It builds upon Trend Micro's extensive investment and expertise in SaaS and hosted security, as well as the company's leadership status within reputation technologies. Since 2005, Trend Micro been pioneering IP-filtering and IP-reputation technologies.

This hybrid SaaS email security provides up-to-the-minute security powered by the Trend Micro(TM) Smart Protection Network infrastructure that scans, filters and correlates more than 20 billion emails, Web sites and files every day, and then leverages that data to rapidly identify and respond to emerging threats, and improve the existing response to known threats.

What's NEW?

-- Purpose-built as a hybrid, combining inbound in-the-cloud protection (so email threats are stopped before they hit the network) with on-premise VMware Ready virtual appliance to allow outbound granular content control and customization, and integrated with a unified single management/reporting console.

-- Purpose-built to reduce up to 90 percent of email traffic in the cloud so that spam is eliminated before they reach the network. Customers get maximum, real-time protection against email threats without the burden of scanning a high volume of emails on their systems. No email is stored in the Trend Micro cloud and all quarantines are held locally, enabling customers to maintain control and privacy over their emails.

-- Newly added Web Reputation technology scans URLs embedded in emails to determine if a link will lead to a malicious Web site that hides malware. Web reputation, a component of the Smart Protection Network, tracks the credibility of Web domains by examining factors such as a Web site's age, historical location changes, and indication of suspicious activities discovered through malware behavior analysis.

Supporting quotes

"We chose Trend Micro's messaging security solutions for their simplicity and efficiency. But with such a tremendous growth in spam, we've been considering a hosted email security solution to put on top of what we currently have," said Michael Draeger, Field Support, IT, Silgan Containers, Inc. "This is why we're intrigued by Trend Micro's new and innovative hybrid SaaS email security - the ability to deploy an integrated hybrid solution from one vendor would definitely save us IT administrative time, help us reduce costs and keep spam off our networks."

"According to Osterman Research, enterprises can save between 55 to 70 percent by moving from a homebrewed to an integrated hybrid email security solution," said Michael Osterman, president and founder of Osterman Research. "In addition, those organizations that have yet to move to hosted/hybrid solution can save 30 to 40 percent by moving from a traditional on-premises hardware appliance to an integrated hybrid solution from Trend Micro".

"Partnering with Trend Micro, a company synonymous with technology excellence and innovation, helps us provide a one-stop shop for business IT solutions," said Dave Ladley, president of Communications Finance, Inc. "We believe Trend Micro's latest hybrid SaaS email security solution will provide our customers with an even better, more effective way of protecting their email networks. This exciting new solution brings together the benefits of hosted email with virtual appliance for efficient email security."

"The single most significant finding of the [Infonetics] survey was simply this: nearly half of respondents, a random sample of large e-mail environments, had pulled together a "do-it-yourself" hybrid on-premise/hosted solution," said Jeff Wilson, principal analyst, network security, Infonetics Research. "So far, Trend Micro is the only security company that offers this kind of hybrid integration designed to reduce the bulk of unwanted email, while at the same time retaining customization capabilities, control and privacy all in one product."

North American Pricing & Availability

IMSVA Hybrid SaaS Email Security is priced with both a perpetual and subscription based pricing, and is currently available as part of the Trend Micro Early Adopter Program throughout Summer 2010. Pricing varies by seat count and decreases with volume. Perpetual Licensing Prices start at $20.23 per user for 1,000 users.

Trend Micro(TM) InterScan Messaging Virtual Appliance is part of Trend Micro(TM) Enterprise Security - a tightly integrated offering of content security products, services and solutions which is powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network(TM). Trend Micro Enterprise Security delivers maximum protection from emerging threats while minimizing the cost and complexity of security management.

About Trend Micro:

Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in Internet content security, focuses on securing the exchange of digital information for businesses and consumers. A pioneer and industry vanguard, Trend Micro is advancing integrated threat management technology to protect operational continuity, personal information, and property from malware, spam, data leaks and the newest Web threats. Visit TrendWatch at www.trendmicro.com/go/trendwatch to learn more about the latest threats. Trend Micro's flexible solutions, available in multiple form factors, are supported 24/7 by threat intelligence experts around the globe. Many of these solutions are powered by the Trend Micro(TM) Smart Protection Network(TM) infrastructure, a next-generation cloud-client innovation that combines sophisticated cloud-based reputation technology, feedback loops, and the expertise of TrendLabs(SM) researchers to deliver real-time protection from emerging threats. A transnational company, with headquarters in Tokyo, Trend Micro's trusted security solutions are sold through its business partners worldwide. Please visit www.trendmicro.com.

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