Hybrid Press Brake conserves energy and hydraulic fluid.

Press Release Summary:

Combining hydraulic brake aspects with those of TOYOKOKI AC servo brakes, HYB125 has M700 Series CNC, delivers quiet operation and incorporates Mitsubishi controllers, relays, and servo motors. Its 15 in. LCD touch-screen control allows direct connection to factory network, and programs can be created using 2D/3D file types. Double Wedge Crowning ability lets users set deflection curve at up to 5 different locations along bend. Brake sizes range from 6 ft/60 ton to 20 ft/600 ton.

Original Press Release:

New Hybrid Press Brake Delivers Energy Saving and Ultimate Accuracy and Repeatability

Wood Dale, IL - MC Machinery Systems, Inc. introduces the newest TOYOKOKI hybrid press brake. TOYOKOKI hybrid series was developed by combining the best aspects of a conventional hydraulic brake with TOYOKOKI's AC servo brakes. The new HYB125 delivers an average annual electric bill savings of $700 per machine, quiet operation and requires only about 1/3 of the hydraulic oil.

The HYB125 incorporates new Mitsubishi controllers, relays and servo motors for ultimate accuracy and repeatability. It is the first TOYOKOKI press brake to integrate the M700 Series CNC Control, which delivers advanced programming capabilities. The 15-inch LCD touch-screen control will allow direct connection to a factory network to upload and download programs and other visual data. Programs can be created completely offline using all 2D and 3D file types and simulated in a 3D environment. Offline and machine-side modeling is the same, so images are consistent for engineers and the shop floor.

Operators can directly program the traditional way of entering desired angle, sheet width, thickness, etc., and create a program with no graphics for quick setup and processing. Alternately, a part can be programmed at the machine by using the Quick Draw function, which allows the part to be sketched out with a finger tip. The control then converts the sketch to a 3D model and creates a bending sequence with the push of a button.

The HYB125 features the patented Double Wedge Crowning, a system of wedges in the lower table that sets the deflection curve at up to five different locations along the bend. The operator makes the first article, checks the angles at three to five places, and then enters the angles in the Mitsubishi control. The wedges adjust the bending angles at each spot producing exact target angles all along the bend line.

The HYB125 Series is available in sizes ranging from 6-foot/60 ton up to 20-foot/600 ton, each with a ram position accuracy better than 5 microns (0.0002").

TOYOKOKI, a pioneer in press brake design for more than 50 years, is a partner of MC Machinery Systems, Inc. (a division of Mitsubishi). MC Machinery Systems is dedicated to providing customers with the ingenuity and innovation to stay competitive on all levels. With industry-leading technology and integrated solutions, MC Machinery's unparalleled service and support team is dedicated to helping manufacturers maximize productivity.

For more information, contact MC Machinery Systems, Inc./Toyokoki Press Brake, 1500 Michael Drive, Wood Dale, IL 60191, call 630-616-5920, or visit www.mitsubishi-world.com.

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