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Hybrid Cloud?' Check Processing Through 'Thick' and 'Thin'

LOS ANGELES -- In business, the concept of "the cloud," a metaphor for Internet-based computing where shared servers provide resources, software, and data to computers and other devices on demand, has become so popular that it has even made its way into pop culture television advertisements. CheckAlt Payment Solutions, a leading provider of innovative, patented Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) check processing services, announced its "Hybrid Cloud" environment for check processing, incorporating the best computer-based software solutions with Internet accessibility.

"We want to announce this feature of our service because of the advantages it provides our clients," said Shai Stern, CEO and Co-Chair for CheckAlt. "Our Remote Deposit Capture and Check21 processing services benefit two distinct markets very well. Using the hybrid 'cloud' and 'non-cloud' environments enables our clients to provide the best service possible to their members."

CheckAlt Payment Solutions offers the most efficient, cost effective Remote Deposit Capture process for merchants to receive payments from their customers. Their Check21 solution for Credit Unions uses the same safe, patented technology and software, and it enables Credit Unions nationwide to forward deposited items to the Federal Reserve Banks without having to go through an intermediary Corporate Credit Union or Commercial Bank.

The CheckAlt software resides on their user's computers; it allows clients to scan, process data, collect images, and safely store them in a local virtual lockbox without having become bogged down by lackluster Internet connections or bandwidth lag. All check scanning, data verification, user set-up, and designation of one or more bank accounts is handled in this manner. Because the CheckAlt service solution connects directly to the Internet and uploads in safe, encrypted scanned batches, it is classified as a "Thick Client." Most competing solutions use a "Thin Client," which is a process that scans images serially direct to the Internet. The largest advantage for CheckAlt clients is the speed and security of scanning checks without the danger of the Internet bogging down the image capture process and stopping mid batch. These disruptions can lead to duplicate check deposits when a check is re-scanned or missing items that the user assumed had been scanned into "the cloud" but had not, in fact, been received.

In CheckAlt Payment Solution's cloud, users can approve or hold batches, review individual checks, and remove individual items from batches before they are uploaded. In addition, they can easily generate and download reports, data, and check images. Supervisory functions are the focus of their internet control panel empowering management to focus on customer service and member satisfaction instead of actual check processing.

About CheckAlt:

CheckAlt Payment Solutions is among the country's premier payment processing companies providing Check21 services allowing businesses nationwide to utilize its eCheck and patented Remote Desktop Capture (RDC) systems to improve their top and bottom lines. The CheckAlt eCheck is the "email a check" solution that allows businesses from merchants and property managers to universities and non-profits to maximize cash flow and accounting accuracy. CheckAlt's unique RDC empowers businesses such as credit unions and community banks by enabling them to locally deposit scanned checks virtually while reducing associated Internet transaction processing costs. Streamlined clients experience the benefits of receiving funds in less than 12 hours without having to change banks or accounting systems. Swift, simple, and safe: CheckAlt Payment Solutions is the smartest way to do business. Learn more at:

CONTACT: Shai Stern, +1-310-417-1050,; or Jhoana Darke +1-310-846-0417,, both of CheckAlt Payment Solutions

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