HVAC Duct Liner is composed of rotary-type glass fibers.

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Primarily used as acoustical liner, ToughGard(TM) R also helps improve energy-efficiency of heating and cooling systems. Air stream surface contains antimicrobial agent and resists tearing, puncturing, and surface wear during installation and cleaning. It also serves as barrier against ingress of dust and dirt into insulation. Protected against moisture, liner suits systems operating at velocities up to 6,000 fpm and temperatures up to 250°F.

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CertainTeed ToughGard(TM) R Duct Liner HVAC Duct Liner Composed of Rotary-Type Glass Fibers

CertainTeed's ToughGard(TM) R Duct Liner is used primarily has an acoustical liner in an HVAC duct system and helps as well to improve the energy-efficiency of the heating and cooling system. Composed of rotary-type glass fibers, it has the same durable ToughGard airstream surface and moisture protection as ToughGard2 Textile Duct Liner. The air stream surface contains an EPA-registered antimicrobial agent in order to reduce the potential of microbial growth that may affect this product. The antimicrobial properties are intended to only protect this product. The tough airstream surface on ToughGard R provides exceptional resistance to tearing, puncturing, and surface wear during installation and cleaning with industry-recognized duct cleaning equipment. It also serves as a barrier against infiltration of dust and dirt into the insulation, improves system efficiency, exhibits low air resistance, and reduces the potential for fiber erosion. Condensation is also controlled, potentially resulting in improved IAQ by reducing unwanted moisture. It is designed for systems operating at velocities up to 6,000 fpm and temperatures up to 250°F. It meets all requirements of ASTM C 665, CI 071, G 21, and G 22. The resilient duct liner can be easily brake-formed with sheet metal without damage and recovers virtually all of its thickness if compressed. Edges cut cleanly with common hand tools or automated fabrication equipment, with a minimum of dust produced during the fabrication process.

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