Humphrey Engineered Solutions Team Solves Simulation Problems

While a recreational sport and deadly serious weapons training seem to have little in common, both require that the objects utilized have the highest possible level of performance. In the recreational sport of Paintball, the markers (guns) must fire the paint projectiles at the highest possible rate without jamming. That can make the difference between winning and losing a tournament. In weapons training, police and military are facing a potentially deadly situation where their "practice" weapons must perform just like real ones -- including the recoil "kick" when fired. That realistic performance training gives them the edge that could save their lives.

To solve the problem facing the manufacturer of paintball markers, the Humphrey Engineered Solutions Team designed a miniature custom solenoid valve assembly that was capable of operating at pressures up to 225 psig. Then, Humphrey engineers adjusted the performance of the valves's solenoid to match the mechanical properties of the marker. The result was the creation of a whole new generation of products that have swept the market. The weapons simulation customer was using actual assault rifles, modified to "shoot" laser beams. To create the "kick" the Humphrey Engineered Solutions Team designed a solenoid valve actuated cylinder assembly to fit inside the rifle stock. When the trigger was squeezed, the cylinder rod slammed backwards hitting a stop in the butt of the stock. This produced the appropriate amount of recoil, giving the trainee the experience he would need to function in a real world life-or-death situation.

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