Humidity Transmitter delivers better than 2% accuracy.

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Featuring full digital calibration, with no user adjustments or setup required, HMX3000-RH-420 is designed with integral EEPROM and ASIC that provides integral 12-16 bit temperature measurement. This 4-20 mA output transmitter offers full temperature compensation for span and offset. Hygrotron sensor uses Shear Stress/Strain hygrometry to measure humidity; mechanical method converts humidity to voltage via 4 arm Wheatstone bridge.

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Hygrometrix Launches HMX3000 4-20mA Humidity Transmitter

ALPINE, Calif., March 6 / -- Many companies are in the process of replacing or updating their older humidity transmitters in clean rooms, factories, greenhouses and other locations. Prices on existing humidity transmitters have gone up as the underlying technology has aged. Hygrometrix is pleased to announce the first product in our new HMX3000 transmitter line, the HMX3000-RH-420, specifically designed from scratch to provide better performance at a lower cost. The new HMX3000 4-20mA output transmitter sets a new price/performance benchmark with better than 2% accuracy across the measurement range and full temperature compensation for span and offset. If you need a humidity transmitter but want the best value, the HMX3000 is an ideal product for your application.

The new transmitter has full digital calibration and no user adjustments or setup required. We've designed the HMX3000 product line with a state-of- the-art commercially available ASIC to reduce parts counts, eliminate potentiometers and dip switches which saves you money and increases product reliability. The ASIC also provides integral 12bit to 16bit temperature measurement. An integral EEPROM holds the calibration data for the ASIC. The HMX3000 utilizes the Hygrometrix Hygrotron sensor for maximum performance and reliability.

The Hygrotron sensor has numerous advantages over conventional humidity sensors including accuracy, ruggedness and sensitivity. The Hygrotrons gain some of their ruggedness through their similarity to existing MEMS pressure sensors. The sensor uses a proprietary and patented technique called Shear Stress/Strain hygrometry to measure humidity. This "mechanical" method of converting humidity to voltage via a 4 arm Wheatstone bridge is immune to many of the failure modes that plague other types of sensor technologies.

The HMX3000-RH-420 is priced in single unit quantities at $475.00. Volume discounts are available for 5, 10 and 20 unit orders. Delivery is 4 weeks ARO. Contact the factory today for more information and to order.

Hygrometrix has been in the precision humidity and vapor measurement field for more than 35 years. The company's technology is based on the patented shear stress/strain method of humidity and vapor measurement. Based in Alpine, California the company serves customers around the world in industry, aerospace, environmental monitoring, government, research and HVAC. For more information visit us at .

CONTACT: Wendy Padilla of Hygrometrix, Inc., +1-619-659-9292, or fax, +1-619-445-7471,

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