Humidity Probe has performance-optimized design.

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Featuring operating range up to 200°C, HygroClip 2 provides reproducibility and system accuracy of less than 0.8% RH and 0.1°C. It offers analog, freely scalable signals and UART interface as well as filter technology that protects sensor against environmental influences. AirChip 3000 core, comprised of ASIC, MCU, and non-volatile EEPROM, delivers humidity and temperature compensation at 30,000 reference points, recording of 2,000 data points, and calculation of dew point.

Original Press Release:

ROTRONIC - a Probe Revolution

ROTRONIC, based in Switzerland, has extended its leadership in humidity and temperature measurement with the introduction of the HygroClip 2. The new HygroClip 2, the second generation of the HygroClip family, is reaching a level of performance not seen before in the field of humidity measurement.

The AirChip 3000 - the new standard in humidity measurement
The AirChip 3000 forms the core of the new HygroClip 2. The AirChip 3000 capabilities include the compensation of humidity and temperature at 30,000 reference points, the recording of 2000 data points, and the calculation of dew point.

The AirChip 3000 - a probe with active intelligence
The AirChip 3000 can do even more, including self-diagnostics. If sensor accuracy declines significantly, the AirChip 3000 recognizes the problem and will issue an alarm. It also combines within itself an ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit), a micro-controller and a non-volatile, electronic memory (EEPROM).

The new sensor technology
Combined with the new technology of the AirChip 3000, ROTRONIC has further improved the humidity sensor. Today, the HygroClip 2 provides reproducibility and a guaranteed system accuracy of < 0.8 % RH. and 0.1°C. In addition, response time has been significantly improved, and new filter technology provides even better protection for the sensor against environmental influences.

Combining all of these features with an operating range of up to 200°C provides a level of performance no other humidity sensor in the world can equal.

Of course, the HygroClip 2 is suitable for use with all ROTRONIC products - from handhelds, transmitters and data loggers to the meteo probe. As our product development moves forward, the HygroClip 2 will be integrated in all of our products. For OEM customers the analog, freely scaleable signals and the UART interface, provide an easy path to integration into any system.

Still a guarantee: Swiss Made
All of this combined makes the HygroClip 2 the best humidity product on the market today, and one that currently also has no competition in terms of quality and longevity.

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