Humidity Controller offers energy efficient operation.

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Combining cooling and desiccant dehumidification, HCU-8000 is suited for use in structural drying, as temporary humidity control in building construction, as well as for condensation and corrosion control. Unit is rated to 8,000 cfm and delivers dew point temperatures as low as 40°F. Humidity is removed via packaged refrigeration system in conjunction with adsorbent high carbon desiccant wheel, and energy required for regeneration of desiccant wheel is recycled from condenser waste heat.

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Polygon Adds HCU-8000 to Line of Energy-Efficient Dehumidifiers for Industrial Temporary Humidity Control Applications

AMESBURY, MASS. -- Polygon now offers the Humidity Control Unit 8000 (HCU-8000) that combines cooling and desiccant dehumidification technologies in one energy-efficient system. The unit controls dew point temperatures in hot, humid climates, and is ideal for use in structural drying, temporary humidity control in building construction, and condensation and corrosion control. "The HCU is capable of delivering dew points as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit in even the highest humidity load conditions," said David Simkins, director of industrial services for Polygon, formerly a division within Munters. "This is accomplished using less energy and providing comfortable outlet temperatures." Traditional mechanical systems must cool the air below the desired dew point in order to remove moisture, thus requiring additional energy to reheat the air to obtain delivered air with low relative humidity. The HCU-8000 removes humidity utilizing a packaged refrigeration system in conjunction with an adsorbent high carbon desiccant wheel. The unit operates cost-effectively because the energy required for the regeneration of the desiccant wheel is recycled from the condenser waste heat. The result is a unit integrally designed for superior performance in even the highest humidity load conditions. "Use of the HCU can result in 25 to 40 percent overall energy savings while delivering dew point temperatures below 40 degree Fahrenheit and dry bulb temperatures near 70 degrees Fahrenheit for typical industrial applications during warmer summer months," Simkins added. "Traditional refrigeration equipment would use 20 percent more cooling and more energy to heat the air back up to acceptable levels." Features of the HCU include: Built-in digital controller Remote monitoring capabilities Selection of humidity or temperature demand as the control point High-efficiency scroll compressors Titanium enhanced silica gel wheel with carbon Variable frequency drives for capacity control Polygon offers three HCU rental unit sizes, depending on job requirements -- the HCU-3000 with air flow of 3,000 cubic feet per minute (cfm), the HCU-6000 with air flow of 6,000 cfm and the HCU-8000 with air flow of 8,000 cfm. Polygon provides a full range of solutions for the prevention and mitigation of the effects of fire, water and humidity. Headquartered in Stockholm, the company provides 24-hour coverage, delivered by an international network of over 2,000 skilled employees in 15 countries to ensure a rapid, right first time response that mitigates loss and effectively manages cost. More information on Polygon can be found at

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