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Agilent 1220 and Agilent 1260 Infinity LC instruments offer 600 bar power range at up to 5 mL/min and up to 10 mL/min at lower pressure, while both feature 80 Hz DAQ speed. Featuring power range up to 1,200 bar pressure, Agilent 1290 Infinity LC has flow rates up to 5 mL/min, 10x-UV-sensitivity at 160 Hz detection speed, and carry-over performance of less than 10 ppm. Systems have power range compatible with 600 bar Poroshell and Zorbax RRHT or 1,200 bar Zorbax RRHD columns.

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Agilent Technologies' New 1200 Infinity Liquid Chromatography Series Offers More Productivity, Confidence, and Affordability


Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the 1200 Infinity Series, setting new levels of performance in analytical HPLC and UHPLC. The 1200 Infinity Series includes the new Agilent 1220 Infinity LC, the new Agilent 1260 Infinity LC and the enhanced Agilent 1290 Infinity LC. The Agilent 1200 Infinity Series marks the evolution of the successful 1200 Series LC family and 1120 Compact LCs using latest 1200 Series Rapid Resolution LC and 1290 Infinity LC technologies.

The 1200 Infinity Series portfolio offers a seamless integration of column technology, instrumentation and software to ensure utmost productivity. The 1220 and 1260 Infinity LCs offer enhanced HPLC and RRLC performance at an HPLC price. All 1220 and 1260 Infinity systems are standardized on 600 bar system pressure, 80 Hz data-acquisition speed and 2x or 10x higher UV sensitivity. The 1220 and 1260 Infinity LCs are 100 percent compatible with HPLC methods, ensuring risk-free replacement or upgrades of existing 1100 or 1200 Series instruments. Further, the new 1260 Infinity Quaternary Bio-inert LC system offers the highest performance in bio-analysis and bio-purification.

"We ended the UHPLC debate with last year's introduction of the Agilent 1290 Infinity LC," said Patrick Kaltenbach, Agilent's vice president and general manager, Liquid Phase Separations Business. "Now we are raising the HPLC standard with a new portfolio that offers a unique continuum of future-proof HPLC, RRLC and UHPLC solutions to match any application or budget."

The Agilent 1200 Infinity Series portfolio allows customers to tailor the exact systems they need, from the simplest manual isocratic LC through the world's highest-performance, fastest, most sensitive UHPLC systems. The power range of 1200 Infinity Series LC systems is fully compatible with the latest column technology, such as 600 bar Poroshell and Zorbax RRHT or 1200 bar Zorbax RRHD columns.

Agilent 1220 Infinity LC - Infinitely More Affordable

The 1220 Infinity LC is an integrated and easy-to-use system for routine HPLC and advanced RRLC analyses, providing maximum return on investment. The 1220 Infinity LC offers a 600 bar power range at up to 5 mL/min and up to 10 mL/min at lower pressure, an 80 Hz detector speed and is fully compatible with all additional detectors within the 1200 Infinity Series, as well as with Agilent 6100 Series Single Quadrupole LC/MS Systems. Besides being capable of running RRLC applications, the 1220 Infinity can run existing conventional HPLC methods. The 1220 Infinity LC offers superior Agilent quality and utilizes 1260 or even 1290 Infinity LC technology and parts.

Agilent 1260 Infinity LC - Infinitely More Confident

The 1260 Infinity LC offers more rapid resolution power, pushing RRLC performance to new limits. The power range of the 1260 Infinity Isocratic and Quaternary Pump of 600 bar at 5 mL/min and up to 10 mL/min at lower pressure easily handles 3.0 and 4.6 mm id columns with sub-2-micron or superficially porous particles used in new Poroshell columns. The 1260 Infinity Binary LC uses high-pressure solvent mixing for superior gradient accuracy at 600 bar and up to 5 mL/min and allows lower delay volumes, making it well suited for narrow bore columns.

Further, the new 1260 Infinity Diode Array Detector increases UV sensitivity by 10-fold allowing more accurate peak detection and integration.

Full HPLC and RRLC compatibility enables unchanged execution of existing methods while being prepared for a seamless transfer to modern columns technologies whenever required. The 1260 Infinity Quaternary LC is also available as a 100 percent bio-inert version with widest, 1-14 pH-range. All 1260 Infinity LC systems are priced similarly to earlier 1200 Series HPLC systems.

Agilent 1290 Infinity LC - Infinitely More Powerful

The 1290 Infinity LC delivers the industry's highest performance -- speed, resolution, sensitivity, accuracy and precision. Enabling system features are a power range up to 1200 bar pressure, flow rates up to 5 mL/min, 10x-UV-sensitivity at 160 Hz detection speed and carry-over performance of typically less than 10 ppm with the newly released 1290 Infinity Flexible Cube. The 1290 Infinity LC enables users to deploy any particle type, any column dimensions or any mobile and stationary phases. Further, it is the only system that offers highest UHPLC productivity at HPLC service costs and also the first to deliver the foundation for method transferability to and from any vendor's UHPLC and HPLC systems.

The 1260 and 1290 Infinity LCs are fully compatible with all Agilent 6000 Series high-end mass detectors.

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Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is the world's premier measurement company and a technology leader in chemical analysis, life sciences, electronics and communications. The company's 19,000 employees serve customers in more than 110 countries. Agilent had net revenues of $4.5 billion in fiscal 2009. Information about Agilent is available on the Web at www.agilent.com.

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