Housekeeping Cart helps employees maintain clean work zones.

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Maneuverable, flexible, portable clean-up station stores and transports cleaning supplies, brooms, dust pans, and hand brushes in addition to trash containers and bags. Frame is constructed using adaptive material handling system of plastic-coated pipe sections, metal or plastic joints, and hardware accessories. Casters can be sized and assembled by end users, while frame and storage hangers can be modified to accommodate unique requirements.

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New Creform® Cart Swept Up in Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement efforts can range from acquiring expensive machine tools with advanced technologies that narrow manufacturing tolerances, to creating new order forms that reduce data handling and paperwork. But few elements are more critical to a program's success than those requiring active employee involvement, such as the implementation of the 5S program principles to establishing an efficient, clean work zone-Straighten. Standardize. Shine. Sweep. Sustain. And, to help generate employee participation, the Creform® Corporation has developed a new housekeeping cart design that conveniently stores and transports cleaning supplies, brooms, dust pans and hand brushes, plus trash containers and bags. The proper display of cleaning supplies and equipment is an excellent way for a company to affirm its commitment to cleanliness and organization. The cart's frame is constructed using the company's adaptive material handling system-the Creform® System of pipe sections, joints and hardware accessories to produce a lightweight, maneuverable and flexible portable clean-up station. In addition, the ease of assembly afforded by the Creform System means the frame and storage hangers for equipment can be expanded and the design modified to accommodate special needs. Equally important, the economies provided by the simple design elements and assembly procedures, along with the low expense of Creform components, makes having multiple Clean-Up Carts for use throughout facilities a viable option to achieving continuous improvement. They also remind employees of a company's commitment to housekeeping with their visibility and proximity to point of use. The Creform System is a material handling concept consisting of a series of plastic coated pipes, metal or plastic joints, fixtures and hardware accessories including casters that can be easily sized and assembled by end users. Though lightweight, Creform structures provide high strength and heavy duty durability to withstand tough industrial environments. Besides the Clean-Up Cart, other representative examples of Creform-built material handling structures include push carts and trailers; flow racks; roller conveyors; hinged shelf carts; tilting racks and tables; height adjustable work tables and workstations along with the portable tool cribs and storage units. Static discharge-rated components can be used for handling sensitive electronics. The Creform System can also be used to implement economical and easy-to-install Automated Guided Cart systems for efficient automated material delivery units. The Creform System and its multi-task handling structures are major components in and contributors to continuous improvement and lean manufacturing programs. Creform Corporation partners with many of its customers in developing, implementing, maintaining and expanding these programs. Visit for additional information regarding Creform Corporation, its products and applications.

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