Host Interface Board uses x4 standard cable connectors.

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Max Express(TM) PCIe Host Interface Board utilizes x4 PCI-SIG cable to link board to expansion system, supporting speeds to 20 Gigabits/s. Board supports downstream link in non-transparent mode to second host system, allowing host-to-host communications with up to two 20 Gbps links for total bandwidth of 40 Gbps. Max Express PCIe Cable Bus Expansion System extends PCIe bus of host system to additional PCIe, PCI, PCI-X, PXI, or CPCI expansion chassis.

Original Press Release:

One Stop Systems Introduces the Max Express(TM) PCIe® Host Interface Board (HIB)

o Extend a host system using a x4 standard cable link
o Expand to over 100 PCIe or PCI add-in cards with a single host
o Implement high-speed host-to-host connections
o Provide unparalleled expansion capabilities with no additional software or drivers required

Escondido, CA - One Stop Systems announces the release of the Max Express PCIe Host Interface Board (HIB), the first HIB to use x4 standard cable connectors. The HIB revolutionizes the expansion market by extending the PCIe processing power of the host system to an expansion chassis with no additional software or drivers.

A x4 PCI-SIG standard cable, linking the HIB to the expansion system, supports speeds up to 20 Gigabits/s. This unprecedented level of expansion offers four times the bandwidth of traditional expansion systems. A MAXe 1U PCIe Switch can be used to further increase the expansion capability of a single host to over 100 add-in boards.

The HIB also supports a downstream link in non-transparent mode to a second host system. This configuration allows host-to-host communication with up to two 20 Gbps links for a total bandwidth of 40 Gbps.

About the Max Express PCIe Cable Bus Expansion System
The Max Express PCIe Cable Express Bus Expansion System is the first to extend the PCIe bus of a host system to additional PCIe, PCI, PCI-X, PXI or CompactPCI (CPCI) expansion chassis. Host interfaces provide compatibility with the expansion chassis allowing the user to mix and match components to meet the requirements of the application.

"OEMs can continue to look to One Stop Systems for quality products that can be customized to satisfy the most demanding applications," said Steve Cooper, President of One Stop Systems. "The HIB is no exception to our commitment to design and manufacturing excellence. The HIB, along with the entire Max Express family of products, offers the reliability, expandability and flexibility necessary to provide real solutions for your OEM projects."

Pricing for the HIB begins at $598 in OEM quantities and is available immediately. OSS offers complete expansion solutions including upstream host interfaces and downstream expansion systems. Contact One Stop Systems for a fast quote of the products required to meet your expansion needs.

About One Stop Systems
One Stop Systems designs and manufactures a broad selection of standard, custom, and semi-custom computing systems and components for converged communications, industrial control and military applications. These include CompactPCIâ, PCIe, PCI/ISA and VME-based architectures. We offer responsive service, the highest quality design and manufacturing, and on-time delivery. In addition, One Stop Systems' easy-to-navigate product catalog at offers a broad selection of industrial-grade computing systems and components. For more information, contact our sales department toll free at (877) GET-CPCI or visit our web site at

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