Horizontal Machining Center suits high volume production.

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F3-660L offers spindle speeds from 0 to 20,000 rpm in 1.55 sec, 3.2G acceleration/deceleration rates, 90 deg table indexing at 0.8 sec, and chip-to-chip time of 2.4 sec. Rapid traverse rate for X, Y, and Z axis is 4720 ipm. Strokes for X and Y axes are 26 in.; Z axis stroke is 20 in. Tool magazine stores 40 tools with No. 40 taper. Tool life management software, 2-pallet changer, flood and base coolant systems, and spindle chiller unit are standard.

Original Press Release:

Mazak's New F3-660L Linear Motor Driven Horizontal Machining Center for High-Volume Production

Mazak Corporation's new medium-sized F3-660L horizontal machining center is designed for high-volume, high-speed machining operations, with spindle speeds from 0 to 20,000 RPM in 1.55 seconds, 3.2G acceleration/deceleration rates, 90 deg table indexing at 0.8 seconds and a chip-to-chip time of 2.4 seconds. Workpiece loading and unloading can be done in a robot cell with one or more F3-660L machines.

High-speed and high accuracy

Mazak's F3-660L is intended to replace traditional inflexible production equipment used in high volume automotive parts or similar applications. By taking advantage of the F3-660L's 3.2G acceleration/deceleration for simultaneous X, Y, Z axis vectorial feedrate, it is ideal for many drilling and tapping operations. For example, traveling a 7.87" distance takes only 0.3 seconds, less than 1/4 the time of conventional machines to reach its top speed. For the F3-660L, rapid traverse rate for X, Y, Z axis is 4720 IPM. Cycle times are reduced even further with a table index time of 90 degrees in 0.8 seconds. Its stationary machine table is a square 19.7". Tool changes are also extremely fast at 0.45 sec. for tool-to-tool.

The lightning fast speed and acceleration on this production center is generated through linear motors on each axis. Rigid machine construction plus high-speed response CNC system contributes to this optimum performance and is possibly the fastest machining center made.

Strokes for the X and Y axes are 26"; Z axis stroke is 20".

Parts such as aluminum castings are machined much faster on the F3-660L than on others in its size range when configured in a two-pallet setup. The F3-660L's optional two-pallet changer allows easy part load/unload without interrupting production.

Designed as a standard CNC machining center module, the F3-660L can be incorporated in a flexible transfer line for high volume production with the ability to easily change over to different parts quickly.

The tool magazine stores 40 tools with a No. 40 taper. Tool life management software, two-pallet changer, flood and base coolant systems and spindle chiller unit are all standard.

Standard control on the F3-660L is Fanuc 18I with 10" color LCD screen.

For efficient use of floor space, the F3-660L is a compact 103.5" X 187.9". Its small footprint makes production lines consisting of multiple machines viable for virtually any floor space condition.

Mazak is a world leader in machine tool technology. From advanced multi-tasking machine tools, vertical and horizontal machining centers and turing centers to fully automated Palletech Manufacturing Cells and PC based CNC controllers, Mazak stresses its engineering developments to provide our customers tangible value-added benefits and the most productive machine tools available. Application assistance available from ten regional Mazak Tech. Centers. For more information, contact the Mazak Corporation at (859) 342-1700 or visit the Mazak website at www.mazak.com.

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