Honing Machine handles bore diameters from 0.060-4.0 in.

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Suited for prototype to production volumes, Model SH-4000 merges Siemens touchscreen PLC and digital-servo drives with servo-hybrid tool feed system and clear adjustable guard/light curtain. Horizontal power-stroked honing machine features 5 hp spindle drive and 1.5 hp stroker drive, with stroke travel up to 15.43 in. Spindle speed is infinitely adjustable from 200–3,000 rpm, with stroke rates of 10–550 spm. Cutting pressure can be adjusted in 1 lbf increments to maximum of 500 lbf.

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New SH-4000 Introduces All-digital, Servo-stroke Honing for Prototype to Production Volumes

Horizontal SH-4000 machine introduces servo-precise, digitally repeatable performance, intuitive touchscreen HMI, infinite part program storage, larger workpiece capacity and operator-friendly safety features.

Sunnen's new SH-4000 power-stroked honing machine merges a Siemens touchscreen PLC and digital-servo drives with a patent pending servo-hybrid tool feed system, extreme repeatability, and clear adjustable guard/light curtain for faster, operator-friendly setups. The SH-4000, engineered as an easy-to-use flexible hone for medium to high production of parts with bore diameters from 1.5 to 101.6 mm (0.060" – 4.0"), will be demonstrated at Westec 2015 in Los Angeles. It is capable of processing a wide variety of part sizes and configurations, and cutting all kinds of materials quickly and efficiently. It features a 4.1-kW (5 hp) spindle drive and 1.1-kW (1.5 hp) stroker drive, with stroke travel up to 392 mm (15.43 in). Spindle speed is infinitely adjustable from 200 to 3,000 rpm, with stroke rates of 10 to 550 SPM.

With 45% fewer parts and greater reliability than predecessor models, the SH-4000 introduces patent-pending digital-servo tool feed and cutting pressure control for consistent, predictable performance throughout the pressure range. Cutting pressure can be adjusted in 4.5 N (1 lbf) increments to a new maximum of 2,224 N (500 lbf) – double the maximum of earlier models. The digital system provides superior feed control at low pressures for improved honing results with small-diameter parts. The higher cutting pressure, plus two-step honing capability, ensures short cycle times. Two-step honing allows high stock removal coupled with a precise finish step, all in one operation. In addition, the new tool feed system includes 20 mm (0.79") additional travel for increased diameter range when using high-production MMT tooling.

The new servo ballscrew stroker delivers extreme precision and repeatability for honing in blind bores, while a longer stroke length of 392 mm (15.43") allows the new machine to take on deeper bores. For fastest setup, the machine's stroking system can be controlled with a joystick on the operator station.

A new true-running spindle with direct collet connection allows quick setup or changeover with MMT tooling and the quick-setting runout-adjustable adapter allows installation of standard Sunnen tooling, such as K mandrels. Side access to the workzone enhances operator ergonomics during setup and facilitates integration with part-handling automation. Standard control features include saved setups, zero shutoff, stone wear compensation, feed speed regulation (stone saver), two-step feed, spindle reverse, speed changes while in cycle, inch/metric selectable units, system diagnostics, cycle dwell, in-process short stroking and 13 operator languages.

SV-20 and HTE-1600W at Westec

Sunnen will also demonstrate the popular SV-20 vertical honing system and HTE-1600W tube hone at Westec. The linear servo-stroking system on Sunnen's SV-20 honing machine delivers the power to drive multi-stone diamond tools for OEM-quality bore geometry on automotive/truck blocks, cylinder liners and similar large parts. The SV-20 is a breakthrough design with class-leading price and features, such as computer-controlled spindle and stroke control, developed specifically for race shops, production rebuilders, and fleet maintenance facilities. The machine accepts blocks as large as the Cat 3126 in-line six and Ford 7.3 L V-8 (International 444) – even “mountain motors” with deck plates can be honed in one setup on the rollover fixture. Equipped with a variable-speed 15-600 rpm, 5.5 hp (4.1-kW) spindle motor, the SV-20 is powerful enough to drive two-stage diamond honing tools through a 20-inch stroke at up to 100 strokes per minute for short cycle times and minimal labor. The large multi-stone tools produce a rounder bore than ever before possible. The machine's work envelope of 48” x 30” (1219 mm x 760 mm), front-loading design, and weight capacity up to 1325 lb (600 kg), combine for versatility in processing a wide range of other large parts, such as compressor bodies and pumps.

Sunnen’s HTE honing system produces ideal bore geometry and surface finish, while eliminating problems from bad tool-to-part alignment and excessive feedrates that cause tool breaks and scrap parts. The tube hone’s one-piece base maintains excellent tool/part alignment, and a special feature of the feed system provides maximum protection against tool overloading. “The one-piece base not only improves the machine’s performance, it makes it more affordable,” said Dennis Westhoff, business development manager for Sunnen. “The spindle power is also reduced on the low end, making the machine extremely sensitive to tool overloads in long, narrow bores.” Tool specific force limits and run settings are stored in the Windows-based touch-screen control.  A unique feed system senses tight sections in the part and corrects them automatically.

For additional information on Sunnen honing systems, tools and abrasives, contact: Sunnen Products Company at sales@sunnen.com. 

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