Honeywell TP Series Reveals a Pattern of Dehumidifier Safety

Mahwah, NJ, June 5, 2019 /PRNewswire/ - The Honeywell TP Series, the newest line of Honeywell-branded dehumidifiers, merges a user-friendly interface with a spectrum of safety features. A combined total of twenty quality checks and safety procedures were implemented during product development, ensuring the dehumidifier is responsive to the fluctuating conditions of real-life usage.

"Consumers don't want a dehumidifier that needs continual attention," explained Naresh Kumra, CEO of JMATEK, the exclusive licensee of Honeywell dehumidifiers. "That's why we focus on consumer research alongside product design so we can build appliances that are both intuitive and safe."

The TP Series integrates safety features with low-maintenance usability. When temperatures drop too low for safe operation, the Dehumidifier triggers the auto-defrost mode to ensure frost-free coils. After power outages the unit auto-restarts and resumes its operation, avoiding the hassle of a manual restart. Once the internal water tank reaches capacity, it sounds an alert and pauses operation.

User-centric design is experienced through the details. A splashguard over the water tank shields it from spillage as the consumer carries and empties the container. The glowing LED numerals, positioned on the front-face of the dehumidifier, display the current RH (Relative Humidity). Consumers can view the current conditions of their damp spaces with a quick glance, without the need to stand next to the machine.

The Honeywell TP Series is available in 3050, and 70 pint models to suit both small and large areas around the home, such as basements, attics, pantries and crawl spaces. A further 70-pint model is equipped with a built-in pump which allows for vertical drainage. Certified Energy Star, home-owners can use the machine for longer periods and still gain competitive energy savings. Available for sale in big vendor marketplaces, including AmazonHome Depot and Walmart, consumers can combat humidity with a reliable Honeywell Energy Star Dehumidifier.


JMATEK North America is an exclusive licensee of the Honeywell brand for evaporative coolers, dehumidifiers and portable air conditioners. JMATEK's Innovation and Technology Lab is an interdisciplinary research and testing laboratory dedicated to engineering safe and market-leading appliances. Headquartered in the United States, JMATEK North America also has offices in Mexico, Argentina, Germany, UK, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and India, offering long-lasting home comfort and energy efficiency products that are not only innovative, but built-to-last and safe for use in the typical family home.

The Honeywell Trademark is used under license from Honeywell International Inc. Honeywell International Inc. makes no representations or warranties with respect to these products. JMATEK Ltd is the Authorized Licensee of Honeywell for several product categories, and markets its products under the Honeywell brand.



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