Home Automation System supports GC-100 network adapters.

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Integrating distributed audio/video control and UMPC platform compatibility, Home Intelligence Platform (HIP) v3.1 enables users to control lights, change temperature, and watch movies on all TVs in their house with one push of button. It is compatible with HIP100, PC, PDA, and Media Center PC-based devices, and features IR learning capabilities. Dual wireless technology provides functionality through use of software running on an open hardware platform.

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Version 3.1 of Lagotek® Home Intelligence Platform Bridges Gap between Whole Home Control and Distributed Audio/Video Control

BELLEVUE, WA, May 1, 2007..... Lagotek announced version 3.1 of its Home Intelligence Platform (HIP), which integrates distributed audio/video control capability as well as UMPC platform compatibility. Now, customers can control lights, change temperature and watch their favorite movie on all the TVs in their house with just one push of a button. Lagotek added UMPC platform compatibility to version 3.1. The company's HIP is already compatible with HIP100, PC, PDA and Media Center PC-based devices.

Distributed audio/video control functionality was made available by integrating top of the line multi-zone solutions from Russound CAA44, CAA66 and CAV6.6. Support for General Electric SmartCom Audiohub CC-SCAMP4 was also implemented to fulfill requests from new home builders.

CEO of Lagotek Eugene Luskin stated, "We clearly see the market moving toward merging home control technology with Home Theater and Entertainment. Our customers and partners asked that we integrate the two in one Home Intelligence Platform. We delivered the solution they asked for in version 3.1 of Lagotek's HIP, and the market response to date is extremely positive."

Lagotek HIP version 3.1 supports Global Cache GC-100 Network adapters for customers who want to control their current audio and video equipment using Lagotek's HIP. GC-100 can be used to control multiple IR (Infrared) audio and video devices. Lagotek's HIP IR application provides users with the ability to configure their existing equipment and Entertainment activities, so they can turn on your TV, switch it to the desired input, turn on the amplifier and switch to the channel with one touch of a button. For the devices that are not supported in the existing IR database, Lagotek HIP provides IR learning capabilities, so customers can integrate any device of their choice.

Lagotek's Modes, Rules and now Entertainment Activities features simplify the user's everyday life by allowing them to set all the house systems to the desired state by pressing just one button or switch from state-to-state or Mode-to-Mode based on time or any other event described in Rules. The objective is to make everyone's home more convenient, secure and beautiful place to live.

Dual Wireless Technology is Key to Bringing Home Automation to Every Home

Unlike previous home automation solutions that were hardware based and hard wired, Lagotek's dual wireless technology provides functionality through the use of software running on an open hardware platform.

Lagotek HIP100 panels are WiFi and Z-Wave compatible. Z-Wave(TM) is a low-cost, two-way, mesh network communications technology that enables everyday devices to be controlled and monitored wirelessly and securely from anywhere in the world. Z-Wave is a fully developed, proven, affordable, easy-to-use and interoperable technology that is available in the products from more than 150 companies today.

About Lagotek
Lagotek Corporation was founded in 2004 with the vision of bringing automation to every home to improve the quality of people's lives. Powered by dual-wireless technology Lagotek's Home Intelligence platform makes the luxury of whole home control available to everyone. Distributed and supported by a network of Lagotek Certified Professional Installers, Lagotek's system equally suits both new construction and existing homes.

Lagotek's Home Intelligence platform is an open architecture that empowers third-party developers to build their own Home Automation solutions.

The company is headquartered at 11661 S.E. 1st St., Ste. 204, Bellevue, WA 98009.

Visit Lagotek at www.lagotek.com or call (425) 455-2165.

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