Hole Cutting System retrofits plasma cutting machines.

Press Release Summary:

Enhanced Hole Technology(TM) maximizes hole-cutting quality on plasma cutting machines, with upgrade that avoids replacement of CNC and plasma systems. Included with product are PT-36R plasma torch, torch lifter upgrade, and Columbus III programming and nesting software. Users can produce plasma cut holes on mild steel up to 1 in. thick, for hole sizes down to 1:1 ratio without manual intervention. Product also makes use of Vision PC controller and SmartFlow 2 plasma controller.

Original Press Release:

ESAB Introduces Enhanced Hole Technology(TM) for Retrofit onto ESAB Plasma Cutting Machines

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products introduces Enhanced Hole Technology(TM), an integrated set of systems that improve hole-cutting quality on older machines without requiring a complete system upgrade. Thousands of existing plasma machine users will be able to upgrade to high quality plasma hole cutting without having to replace CNC and plasma systems.

The new Enhanced Hole Technology(TM) takes advantage of the capabilities already available in ESAB's Vision PC controller and SmartFlow 2 plasma systems by capturing the best hole cutting techniques in ESAB's new Columbus III programming software. Enhanced Hole Technology(TM) allows older plasma machines to achieve the best possible plasma hole quality using as much of the existing equipment as possible.

This technology represents a significant engineering development encapsulated in a new process control database. To take advantage of this capability on existing plasma cutting machines, the system is upgraded with the PT-36R plasma torch, a torch lifter upgrade, and ESAB's Columbus III programming and nesting software. Building this technology into Columbus III allows the user to automatically produce high quality plasma cut holes on mild steel up to 1" thick, for hole sizes down to 1:1 ratio without manual intervention. This package is available to qualified customers at a fraction of the cost of a new CNC, plasma, and height control upgrade.

High quality plasma hole cutting continues to be a top priority for many plasma cutting machine operators. However, to take advantage of newer technologies, many companies find that they have to upgrade their CNC, the entire plasma system, the torch height control system, and their programming software. ESAB has found a way to produce excellent quality plasma cut holes while using as much of a customer's existing equipment as possible. The Vision PC controller is very capable, and new techniques have been developed to allow it to produce the motion necessary to cut small holes. Likewise, ESAB plasma systems equipped with the SmartFlow 2 plasma controller can already produce excellent cut quality on mild steel. The Enhanced Hole Technology(TM) package takes advantage of these existing capabilities to produce the best hole quality possible with those systems. The result is dramatically improved plasma hole quality without replacing two of the most expensive parts of the entire system.

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