Hoggan Scientific Announces New Updates to Its MicroFET2 and ergoFET Products

Starting June 1, 2013 new microFET2 and ergoFET force gauges from Hoggan Scientific will now offer rechargeable batteries and utilize Bluetooth technology to improve accessibility.

SALT LAKE CITY – Hoggan Scientific, a company that manufactures commercial wellness equipment, is now incorporating rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth technology into its microFET2 and ergoFET force gauges, available at http://www.HogganHealth.net. The upgrade will improve functionality and design to the already popular products, making them well-suited to facilities seeking the newest technology. Customers can purchase the new products starting on June 1, 2013.

"At Hoggan Scientific, we strive to incorporate the latest technology into all of our products so customers know that they are receiving the best possible supplies. Our dedicated and knowledgeable employees have been serving the medical community for over 50 years, and as we move forward, we wish to continue providing equipment to healthcare professionals to document, reinforce and support their treatment plan, to improve the quality of care for their patients," said Cynthia McKenna, Director of Sales at Hoggan Scientific.

Customers can find upgrades to its microFET2 handheld muscle tester and ergoFET push and pull force gauge starting June 1, when the products will start being sold with Bluetooth technology and rechargeable battery. The microFET family was created to give accurate and quantifiable results for musculoskeletal testing, removing any possible subjectivity. Clinicians can use this technology to better document, reinforce, and support the treatment they develop, and it is currently being used in leading medical centers across the country.

The microFET2 is a handheld force gauge that allows for easy, accurate, and portable force testing. Adapted from traditional hands-on manual muscle testing, the microFET2 can help with diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of neuromuscular disorders. Hoggan Health has a patented system that enables the force gauge to detect subtle changes in force regardless of the direction in which force is applied and the company offers an affordable software package that can help medical professionals such as physical therapists track, analyze, and compare statistics to create reports and chart progress. The current price, until May 31 for the microFET2 is $995.

The ergoFET push-pull gauge will also be upgraded on June 1. The wireless force evaluation device is ideal for ergonomic, engineering, and safety professionals that wish to test and improve product functionality and manufacturing efficiency such as automotive industries. The ergoFET package includes one flat pad, one curved pad, and a digit pad as well as an open end stationary hook and standard carabineer, 16" strap with D rings, one hand handle, and a 4" extension post. Customers can purchase the force measurement device on or before May 31 for $1, 295 or purchase the upgraded version on June 1 with a price increase.

For more information about the company's line of force evaluation products and its newest upgrades, customers can visit http://www.HogganHealth.net or call 1-800-678-7888 to speak directly with a customer service representative. The manufacturer can also be found on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/HogganScientific.

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