HMI Touch Screens meet RoHS directive.

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Pro-face AGP3000 Series includes 19 models of graphic operator interface terminals ranging from 6 in. monochrome and TFT displays to 15 in. HMI displays. TFT LCD units support 65,536 colors, while STN models offer 4,096 colors and 16 monochrome LCD shades. GP-Pro EX self-guiding screen editor software offers drag-and-drop address mapping, over 1,800 graphics symbols and parts, multi-language support using Unicode fonts, and online documentation wizard.

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Xycom Automation Introduces New Pro-Face Brand AGP3000 Series Operator Interface Touch Screens

Saline, MI - March 20, 2006 - Xycom Automation is pleased to announce the release of the next generation of Pro-face brand operator interfaces. Recognized as the world leader in industrial operator interfaces, the Pro-face brand HMIs are globally recognized for providing outstanding performance, high reliability and backed by unparalleled global support.

The new AGP3000 Series is a complete line of graphic operator interface panels created from the ground up for high performance and high reliability with new self-guiding, intuitive screen editor software. The AGP3000 is one of the first-to-market in HMIs meeting the new ROHS "lead-free" European directive along with global certifications including CE, UL, cUL, Class I, Division 2 ratings.

Highly detailed HMI applications are created on the new GP-Pro EX software platform. GP-Pro EX is a new, easy-to-use, intuitive screen editor with an extensive range of time-saving features that drastically reduces development and training time by as much as fifty percent. This combination of high performance hardware and powerful, yet simple, software makes it possible for users in manufacturing, building, and home automation to create simple to very complex HMI applications.

AGP3000 Series Hardware Displays
The AGP3000 Series of touch screen, full graphic operator interface terminals includes 19 different models ranging in screen sizes from small 6-inch monochrome and TFT displays to visually stunning 15-inch HMI displays. The AGP3000 product line is seven times faster than other competing products, providing instant screen refresh and high speed data sampling. Significant advances in nogrid analog resistive touch screen technology, enhanced screen viewing angle, and high-end display quality make the AGP3000 stand out as today's standard for bright, crisp, clear HMIs.

The AGP3000 Series is available with TFT LCD units supporting 65,536 colors standard for applications requiring highly detailed information-intensive image displays. The STN models offer 4,096 colors, and Monochrome LCD 16 shades. Built for the industrial environment, the aluminum die cast bezel, standard in all sizes, is environmentally friendly and offers superb heat dissipation and solid watertight seal against a panel enclosure.

Extensive connectivity and range of interfaces include USB, RS232, RS422, RS485, Siemens direct MPI serial interfaces, CompactFlash(TM) port and 10/100 Ethernet as standard on most units. The USB host port allows easy connection to barcode readers, printers, and a wide range of peripheral devices.

High-speed, 64Bit RISC processor and large memory capacity give these units the fastest response time of any touch screen in the industry.

Pro-face AGP3000 HMIs feature simultaneous protocol support for multi-vendor controller
applications. Connectivity with up to four different controllers using different protocols are supported on 7.4-inch and larger AGP3000 units while the 6-inch models support two different protocols. This simultaneous protocol feature allows the HMI to act as a data concentrator and data gateway to easily share data from different PLC manufacturers, motion controllers, servos, etc. Pro-face is aggressively writing new drivers in response to industry demands to extend connectivity options.

Maintaining a long standing 16-year tradition of migration compatibility and protecting customer's investment with Pro-face HMI, the AGP3000 family of products provides drop-in replacement for older models of Pro-face products plus an import utility in GP-Pro EX for seamless upgrade to the latest HMI technology available.

GP-Pro EX Software HMI Editor
GP-Pro EX was developed with ease-of-use, intuitiveness, and reducing screen development time, as a top priority, and offers huge advantages for both the OEM developer and the end user. This editor includes several powerful, time-saving features and new tools for creating impressive displays in a development environment that maximizes design efficiency.

Time saving features include drag-and-drop address mapping, an industry first, making it easier than ever to quickly map PLC or other device register addresses to the touch screen images. This visual address mapping also saves time trouble-shooting HMI screen development errors. HMI designers can also create screen templates, headers, and footers that can quickly be loaded to create a consistent look and feel of OEM HMI applications.

Multi-language support using Unicode fonts allow adjustment of font size by single pixel increments.
Multi-language applications can be created in the editor and languages can be switched during display runtime by the operator. Language switching can be applied to all aspects of the interface, including comments, labels on buttons and parts, alarms, text messages, and more. Also, multiple languages can be displayed on a single screen.

A new online documentation wizard significantly reduces the design engineer's time to document their HMI screen creation upon completion. The software also includes fast access to software topics specific to the item the designer is working with in their HMI application. All of these features assist the designer throughout the entire HMI design process to speed development and create a consistent look and feel.

This screen editor includes a library of over 1,800 high-quality graphics symbols and parts, such as buttons, lamps, graphs, keypads, and field equipment. The included symbolic images, pictorial parts, icons, and international symbols are easily understood around the world for global acceptance.

For more details, or to download a trial version of GP-Pro EX, visit, or contact your local Pro-face representative.

Xycom Automation is a leading global supplier of innovative industrial automation solutions. Principal products include PC-based, open architecture visualization and control offerings. Xycom products serve industrial, automotive, aerospace, packaging, plastics, textile, and other markets, with hardware and software installed in over 200,000 factory-floor systems worldwide.

Xycom Automation services and supports all Xycom products worldwide and the Pro-face brand of HMIs for North, Central, and South America. Pro-face has been the leading brand in Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for over 10 years. Headquartered in Saline, Michigan, Xycom has employees and representatives around the world.

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