HMCs are suited for high-production environments.

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Built on traveling column structure, HMC 700 line has 20 in. pallet size and 28 x 24 x 24 in. X, Y, Z work envelope. Heavily-ribbed cast iron throughout adds weight and mass for stiffness and overall rigidity, while guideways and oversized 45 mm ballscrews also contribute to stiffness and distribution of cutting forces. Line incorporates German-built, 40-taper SKF spindle; GE Fanuc control, 60-position automatic tool changer, and chip management system.

Original Press Release:

Bridgeport Introduces HMC 700 High Production Machining Centers at IMTS 2004

(Chicago, IL - September 8 - 15, 2004) Three machines comprise the new HMC 700 line of horizontal machining centers from Bridgeport Machines Ltd. One of the three, the HMC 700HPD model, will be cutting at IMTS 2004, booth A-8058. This new line, designed for mid-size parts in high production applications, offers a pallet size of 20" (500 mm) and X, Y, Z work envelope of 28" x 24" x 24" (710mm x 610mm x 610mm).

These machining centers are built on a robust traveling column structure, weighing 26,000 lbs. Machine geometries are typically held to half the tolerances of the ISO standards. Heavily-ribbed cast iron throughout adds weight and mass for excellent stiffness and overall rigidity. Wide-spaced guideways and oversized 45mm ballscrews also contribute to higher overall stiffness and excellent distribution of cutting forces. The guideways are comprised of both roller and dual-ball linear types. A low center of gravity aids with vibration reduction. Critical surfaces and alignments are hand-scraped to ensure longevity and accuracies. Even the toolchanger is mounted on a separate shoulder to avoid column stress. Further, the HMC 700 features an exclusive, German-built SKF spindle with high radial stiffness of 60 lbf./0.00004" and axial stiffness of 70 lbf/0.00004". This 40-taper spindle offers face and taper contacts.

Different features distinguish the models in the new line. For example, the HMC 700e and 700HP are fitted with a belt-driven 10,000 RPM 25 HP or 10,000 RPM 40 HP spindle respectively. The HMC 700HPD model has a directly coupled 15,000 RPM, 40 HP spindle with a high, 258 ft. lbs. of torque. All three machines are supplied standard with 290 psi through-spindle coolant systems, spindle chillers, and an effective chip management system - necessary for high production situations. These HMCs are quick with rapid X, Y, Z axes traverse rates from 1,260 IPM on the 700e up to 1,900 on the 700 HP and HPD. The fourth axis is a full contouring rotary table as opposed to merely an indexing type.

All models have the latest generation of high-performance GE Fanuc control systems, a 60-position automatic tool changer (120 optional), and a chip-to-chip tool change time of 5.5 seconds. An optional 6-pallet changing system can also be integrated with any HMC 700 machine, also helpful in production environments.

For more information, visit IMTS 2004 booth A-8058, or contact Bridgeport Machines' U.S. offices in Shelton, Connecticut at 203-929-5570, or visit the company's web site at Bridgeport Machines, Ltd. is headquartered in Leicester, England.

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