Hirsch's Verification Station Biometric Technology Approved by TSA

TSA Encourages Airports to Use Biometrics That Are On Its Qualified Products List (QPL)

SANTA ANA, CA, February 5, 2008- Hirsch Electronics, a leading manufacturer of access control and identity management solutions, today confirmed its Verification Station's biometric technology passed the Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) rigorous testing and was placed on the TSA's "Biometrics for Access Control" Qualified Products List (QPL).

According to the TSA's website, "Airport operators are encouraged to use the qualified products list to improve upon their existing access control systems by incorporating biometrics technologies." Source:http://www.tsa.gov/join/business/biometric_qualification.shtm) The requirements for QPL biometrics were spelled out in detail in a 140-page "Guidance Package -- Biometrics for Airport Access Control" that establishes the criteria and standards that TSA believes biometric products should meet for acceptable performance for airport access control systems.

Hirsch developed the Verification Station, model family RUU, in conjunction with Cogent Systems (Nasdaq: COGT), a global biometric identification solutions provider. Hirsch's RUU integrates Cogent's ID-Gate biometric subsystem, one of only two products that met TSA's testing requirements for airport physical access control. "Hirsch chose to integrate Cogent's technologies, because we knew their quality solutions would support and enhance Hirsch's reputation for high security and product reliability," stated Kevin Reyes, Hirsch's manager of strategic OEM partners.

The biometrics in the Hirsch Verification Station passed the extensive TSA tests including requirements for a failure-to-enroll rate less than 3 percent and a 99.86 percent operational availability rate. TSA's test required a false rejection rate (FRR) of less than 1 percent; the RUU biometric's FRR is just 0.01% - 0.001%. TSA's test required a false acceptance rate (FAR) of less than 1 percent; the RUU biometric's FAR is only 0.01% - 0.0001% FAR. TSA's test required a transaction time of less than six seconds; the RUU biometric extraction and ID time is only 1.5 seconds.

"We believe the Hirsch Verification Station is an excellent choice for airports, ports and other high-risk sites, uniquely providing the highest standards in identity management and access control," commented Chris Crump, Cogent's director of commercial business.

About the Verification Station model RUU
The Verification Station is the market's only high security, multipurpose biometric edge reader. The RUU delivers uncommon versatility: four authentication factors (card, code, fingerprint and PKI certificate check), four applications (verify claimed identities, control access, encode smart cards, and enroll card holders in access control system), twelve modes (finger-only, card+finger, card+finger+code, etc.), and three power choices (Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), terminal block, wall socket). The RUU is the only biometric product in the world with a scrambling keypad to secure the PIN code entry from theft. The Verification Station is IP addressable and can communicate with identity management systems, card management systems, access control systems, and PKI certificate authorities. The Verification Station is part of Hirsch Electronics' integrated, end-to-end solution for identity management and regulatory compliance and won the Security Industry Association's Special Achievement Award for outstanding technical innovation. For more information, visit http://hirschelectronics.com/Government_programs.asp.

About Cogent Systems
Cogent, South Pasadena, CA, is a global biometric identification solutions provider to governments, law enforcement agencies, and commercial enterprises. Cogent provides the highest quality identification systems, products and services with leading technology, accuracy and speed. Cogent's Automated Fingerprint/Palmprint Identification Systems, or AFIS, enable customers to capture fingerprint and palm print images electronically, encode prints into searchable files, and accurately compare a set of fingerprints/palm prints to a database containing potentially millions of prints in seconds. For more information, visit www.cogentsystems.com.

About Hirsch Electronics
Hirsch Electronics manufactures physical security systems for worldwide markets. Hirsch is a recognized leader in IP-based security solutions that interoperate with other networked databases, devices and systems. Hirsch's award-winning role-based access control (RBAC), identity management, and security management systems integrate access control, digital video, alarm monitoring, smart cards and biometrics. Hirsch security solutions are IT-centric, highly secure, and scalable to even the largest organizations.

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