HiRel Analog Multiplexers offer varied LVCMOS interfaces.

Press Release Summary:

Operating from 5 V supply, models UT16MX110, UT63MX111, and UT63MX112 feature asynchronous parallel LVCMOS, synchronous parallel LVCMOS, and LVCMOS SPI(TM) interfaces, respectively. Models UT63MX113/UT63MX114, operating from 5 V single and +3 V dual analog supply, offer asynchronous/synchronous parallel LVCMOS interfaces. Other models include UT63MX115 with LVCMOS SPI, UT63MX116 with asynchronous parallel LVCMOS/CMOS, and UT63MX117 with LVCMOS SPI Interface/CMOS SPI interfaces.

Original Press Release:

Aeroflex Colorado Springs Announces a Low-Voltage LVCMOS Interface Analog MUX Product Family

Colorado Springs, CO - Aeroflex Colorado Springs announces a new product family of HiRel Analog Multiplexers. Analog Multiplexers are used in aerospace applications to send multiple signals to subsystems for monitoring. The addition of Aeroflex Colorado Springs' low-voltage LVCMOS interface 16-1Muxes provides the industry an alternative to the available 5-volt Muxes.

The eight new products are available with the following interface and analog voltage features:
UT16MX110 Asynchronous Parallel LVCMOS Interface, 5V single supply
UT63MX111 Synchronous Parallel LVCMOS Interface, 5V single supply
UT63MX112 LVCMOS SPITM Interface, 5V single supply
UT63MX113 Asynchronous Parallel LVCMOS Interface, 5V single and +3V dual analog supply
UT63MX114 Synchronous Parallel LVCMOS Interface, 5V single and +3V dual analog supply
UT63MX115 LVCMOS SPITM Interface, 5V single and +3V dual analog supply
UT63MX116 Asynchronous Parallel LVCMOS/CMOS Interface, 5V single and +3V dual analog supply
UT63MX117 LVCMOS SPITM Interface/CMOS SPITM Interface, 5V single and +3V dual analog supply

The digital core and I/O voltages are:
UT16MX110, 111, 112 3.3V digital core and I/O supply (generated on-chip)
UT16MX113, 114, 115 3.3V digital core and I/O supply (external)
UT16M116, 117 3.3V digital core, 3.3V or 5.0V I/O supply (external)
All products are 100 krad(SI) TID with a LET of 91 MeV-cm2/mg and latch-up immune to 110 and are packaged in a 28-pin flatpack.

"We are responding to our customer requests for a low-voltage LVCMOS interface," said David Kerwin, Director, Mixed-Signal Products. "Now these customers have options that were previously not available with different low-voltage levels, in a size-saving package with Aeroflex Colorado Springs' tested radiation performance levels."

"The new Aeroflex Colorado Springs MUX products complements our sister division, eroflex Plainview's Analog Mux family of 5V-30V, CMOS/TTL interface products. Either division can assist you with a HiRelAnalog Mux."

All eight UT16MX products will be available QML Q and V with assigned DSCC numbers. Production orders for the UT16MX products are December, 2010. Prototypes are available now.

The Aeroflex Colorado Springs UT16MX110 is $806 in quantities of 100 for QML Q.

Aeroflex Colorado Springs, is a supplier of semicustom and standard VLSI circuits and custom circuit card assemblies. Aeroflex, Colorado Springs has received Qualified Manufacturer List (QML) certification for Class Q, Class T and Class V. Additionally, we have received a letter of compliance for ISO 9001 from the Defense Supply Center Columbus.

For a copy of the UT16MX datasheets, call 1-800-645-8862, write Aeroflex, 4350 Centennial Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80907, or visit our home page at http://www.aeroflex.com/MUX.

About Aeroflex
Aeroflex Incorporated is a leading global provider of microelectronic components and test and measurement equipment used by companies in the space, avionics, defense, commercial wireless communications, medical and other markets.

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