Hine Automation Ships First Customized SL-450 to Torr International

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA — Hine Automation, LLC announces the shipment of its first customized SL-450 for a high temperature application to Torr International, Inc. in New Windsor, NY; the system was shipped in April.

The SL-450 is an automated load lock that transfers single substrates or substrate holders up to 450mm in diameter. The SL-450 is designed by Hine Automation to eliminate the need to vent and evacuate the OEMs process chamber prior to every process cycle. As with all of the Vacuum Transport Systems from Hine Automation, the SL-450 integrates innovative design programmable controls allowing for flexibility, functional design and a small system footprint. Through the use of an intelligent motor we're able to reliably transfer and track the position of the substrate. Thanks to Hine's Z-lift option, the Star SL-450 can hand-off substrates to any process module, including those without lift pins.

"The delivery of the SL-450 to Torr showcases two of the major strengths of Hine Automation products," said Scott Craver, General Manager at Hine Automation. "The first is the flexibility of our vacuum transfer systems. The second is our proficiency and expertise in providing customized vacuum automation solutions for unique applications defined by our customer's needs. The unique combination of these capabilities led to the successful delivery of a distinctive SL-450 system to Torr, a company with a well-established reputation in the industry."

Torr International has over 24 years of developing and manufacturing custom Physical Vapor Deposition Equipment. This includes but is not limited to Magnetron Sputtering, Thermal Evaporation and E-Beam Evaporation systems to suit specialized needs in the areas of Thin Film Deposition, Etching and High Vacuum Technology. These may include specimen preparation for scanning electron microscopes or research and development with metal, dielectric and organic materials. Torr also designs combination systems that include two or more sources, providing an economical option for today's research environment in the constantly evolving field of Nanotechnology.

Masud Naraghi, the President of Torr, said, "Hine Automation Load Lock Systems have been easily integrated to the hardware and software of our various deposition systems. Since our association with Hine Automation these last two years, we find reproducibility and the frequency of data acquisition in our systems has appreciably increased. Their tools, with their innovative engineering team are lighter and smaller. They reduce the global space required in a clean room and are competitively affordable in today's challenging economy."

Michael Droney, Project Manager of Torr, agrees. "This is an exciting and high-growth area of our business. In order to maintain an edge in today's competitive environment, companies are being pushed to develop new and innovative ways of solving material transfer problems in vacuum to ultimately increase customer throughput. Sometimes these solutions can't be found ‘off the shelf'. Both teams at Torr and Hine have some of the best engineers in the industry working together to find progressive solutions, and through determined collaboration overcame many challenges in the SL-450 project."

About Torr International, Inc.

Torr International, Inc. was founded in 1989 as a vacuum technology company. Since then, it has become a specialist in the field of thin film equipment and nanotechnology. Torr's product range includes low-priced standard table-top CRC Magnetron Sputtering systems, Thermal and Electron Beam Evaporation systems to suit specialized customer needs. These systems are for applications as diverse as specimen preparation for scanning electron microscopes or research and development with metal, dielectric and polymer films. Torr International also creates custom-built multi-target sophisticated systems for special applications.

About Hine Automation

Hine Automation, LLC is an emergent designer and manufacturer of vacuum automation systems and robotic components. Serving original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the semiconductor, solar, flat- panel display and related industries around the world, the company's robotic components are based on the quality and reliability of the original Hine robotics. Hine Automation satisfies a wide range of needs from flexible research and development environments to more stringent manufacturing environments. Connect with Hine Automation on LinkedIn.

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