High Volume, Continuous Processor has self-cleaning design.

Press Release Summary:

Along with universal design that promotes chemical reactions, crystallization, degassing, and polymerization, Self-Cleaning Processor (SCP) can be used to reclaim liquid solvents, reduce moisture content of products, increase viscosity of material suspensions, or transform slurries into dry powders. Unit eliminates batch-to-batch variations and features 2 heat transfer areas: twin hollow screw shafts and jacketed barrel. Counter-rotating shafts eliminate build-up of sticky materials.

Original Press Release:

Readco Kurimoto Introduces a High Volume, Continuous Processor with a Self-Cleaning Design

The distinct yet universal design of the SC Processor promotes chemical reactions, crystallization, degassing and polymerization. With two heat transfer areas - twin hollow screw shafts and jacketed barrel - it is designed to be a very efficient heat transfer source.

The “Self-Cleaning Processor” (SCP) has uniquely designed, counter-rotating shafts which eliminate the build-up of sticky materials during heating and cooling applications to promote its evaporative function.  The SC Processor is capable of heating and cooling low or high viscosity feed stock using the unique heated/cooled self-cleaning screw shafts operating under vacuum. This process simultaneously frees entrained liquid which can be reclaimed and potentially reused.

The SC Processor can be utilized to reclaim liquid solvents, reduce moisture content of various products, increase the viscosity of material suspensions, or transform slurries into dry powders. The process is tightly maintained by using a combination of temperature control, vacuum, and residence time.

The SCP Continuous Processor is utilized in chemical and food manufacturing as well as virtually any industry seeking to streamline a drying process, polymerization, chemical reaction or reclaim solvents continuously.  Similar to Readco’s flag ship product the Continuous Processor, the SC Processor eliminates batch to batch variations. In addition; the robust design of the SC Processor allows it to handle materials that are high in viscosity, very sticky, or that go through phase changes - including elevated viscosity during the process.

Industries are looking for a more economical, streamlined approach to their evaporation and reclamation processes and the Readco Kurimoto, LLC SC Processor provides this alternative. With the high cost of spray drying equipment, Readco’s introduction of the SC Processor now gives companies a space saving and economical solution to their drying/evaporation/cooling needs.

Specific Design Features Include:

- Heating/Cooling through Jacketed Barrel and Cored Shafts

- Self-Wiping, Self-Cleaning Differential Speed Shafts

- Close Clearance Wiped Surfaces for Improved Heat Transfer

- Energy Input from the drive motor into the rotating shafts.

- Short Heat History due to twin-screw operation

- High Vacuum Operation (reduced operating temperature)

Specific Applications Include:

- Drying/Solidification

- Solvent Removal/Recovery

- Chemical reaction

- Polymerization

- Crystallization

- Degassing

- Concentration

- Very high viscosity applications

Readco has even made it easy for a company to “test drive” this unit, with a SCP-100, 4” diameter unit set up in their laboratory in York, PA. Come and see this remarkable technology first hand.

Readco Kurimoto, LLC. For over 100 years we have been at the forefront of industrial mixing technology. Readco Kurimoto based in York, PA supplies Continuous Mixers to the Food, Chemical, Plastics, and Pharmaceutical industries for the continuous production of products.

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