High Voltage Film Capacitors meet ITAR standards.

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Used in DC, pulsed power and high frequency AC applications for defense, industry and medicine, Aerovox’s High Voltage Range Film Capacitors are built using Lean Six Sigma manufacturing practices. Units feature high voltage ratings and rugged construction and are available in various configurations.

Original Press Release:

Aerovox Corp. Increases High Voltage Range in Film Capacitors

Offerings now include custom pulse applications from low voltage to over 100,000 volts

Aerovox Corp., a worldwide market leader in film capacitors announces the development of a high voltage capacitor capability in excess of 100,000 volts. High voltage capacitors are used in DC, pulsed power, high frequency AC and specialized applications for defense, industry and medicine.

High voltage capacitors are central to many applications, for instance, groups of large, specially constructed low-inductance, high-voltage capacitors (capacitor banks) supply pulsed power for electromagnetic forming, Marx generators, pulsed lasers, fusion research and particle accelerators. Additionally, these large capacitor banks (reservoirs) are used as energy sources for medical imaging, military and other commercial systems.

The higher voltage ratings and rugged construction of Aerovox high voltage AC & DC film capacitors, snubbers and pulse capacitors make them suitable for applications beyond the capabilities of general purpose units. As well as custom designs, they are available in many configurations to address a wide range of needs.

ITAR compliant Aerovox high voltage capacitors are built in the company’s New Bedford, MA plant using Lean Six Sigma manufacturing practices and undergo rigorous quality assurance testing. They are 100% tested prior to shipment, and test data is retained for five years for complete traceability by individual work order numbers.

“Our capacitance range in high voltage has more than doubled, which is great news for customers looking for performance and durability in critical applications.” said Jim Faughnan, Aerovox President and CEO. “Our high voltage capacitors are manufactured in our advanced New Bedford facility to exacting standards. For customers with specialized needs, the wide voltage range and our flexible manufacturing processes permit custom configurations in high frequency, pulse and snubber capacitors.”

About Aerovox Corp.

Aerovox is a leading provider of film capacitors for industrial, medical, military/aerospace and specialized applications serving original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and distributors. The company has worldclass design, manufacturing and testing facilities in New Bedford, Massachusetts and global 167 John Vertente Blvd., New Bedford, MA 02745-1221 TEL (508) 994-9661 FAX (508) 995-3000 manufacturing facilities in China and India to enable quick turn-around for shipping and delivery worldwide. Aerovox capacitors are among the world’s most reliable electronic components. The company’s extensive custom design and development capabilities coupled with its broad, standardized product offerings allow it to provide intelligent capacitor solutions that meet or exceed customers’ application requirements. http://www.aerovox.com


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