High Voltage DAQ Module promotes safe and accurate measurement.

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Capable of making 1,000 V measurements and acquiring data synchronously at all times to other physical quantities, MX403B amplifier offers 4 differential, isolated channels with analog anti-aliasing filters and 24-bit ADC. Users can also apply several digital filters to acquired data. Along with 10, 100, and 1,000 V measurement ranges, features include sampling rate of 100 kS/s per channel, signal bandwidth up to 38 kHz (78 kHz in dual-channel mode), and 0.05% accuracy.

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HBM QuantumX MX403B Amplifier Makes High Voltage Measurements Accurately and Safely

The four-channel module makes measurements up to 1,000 V with a resolution of 24 bits

Marlborough, Massachusetts — HBM, Inc. (www.hbm.com), a leading manufacturer of data acquisition systems, analysis and calibration software, strain gauges, and transducers and sensors, has introduced a new high voltage data acquisition module, the MX403B. The MX403B is the only high-voltage measurement module on the market with the highest resolution capable of making 1,000 V measurements and capable of acquiring data synchronously at all times to other physical quantities.

The MX403B amplifier—the latest member of HBM’s QuantumX family—offers four differential, isolated channels with analog anti-aliasing filters and a 24-bit AD converter. In addition, users can apply several digital filters to the acquired data.

The MX403B has three measurement ranges: 10V, 100V, and 1,000V. The sampling rate is 100 kS/s per channel (200 kS/s in dual-channel mode), and the signal bandwidth is up to 38 kHz (78 kHz in dual-channel mode). Accuracy is an industry-leading 0.05%.

“In addition to providing the highest accuracy measurement, the MX403B is versatile enough to perform high voltage, high power and highly accurate power factor measurement for AC-based sources and actuators, such as one or three-phase electric motors in many mechatronics applications," said Sujit Basu, PhD, HBM Business Development Manager, North America.

Where safety is a concern, the MX403B also leads the industry. It has a CAT II rating of 1,000 V and a CAT III rating of 600 V. In addition, the unit meets the requirements of IEC 61010, which specifies safety requirements for measurement and control equipment.

With a CMRR of 707 Vrms, the MX403B is perfect for testing mechatronics systems that include electrical motors and actuators and where measurements of both DC and AC voltages are required. Other applications for which the MX403B is a good fit include battery testing (up to 1250V) and voltage measurements where transients are of concern.

As part of the QuantumX series, the MX403B amplifier can be connected with all other QuantumX modules, acquiring all kinds of sensors and transducers synchronously. The MX403B connects to a host computer via its Ethernet port, and HBM's catman® Easy software makes it easy to set up channels and perform signal processing, such as power factor analysis for single- or multiple-phase devices.

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