High Torque Stepping Motors have high efficiency design.

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PKE series 2-phase motors have 1.65 in. square frame size and come in 3 stack lengths of 1.3 (PKE243x), 1.54 (PKE244x), and 1.85 (PKE245x) in. Output torque ranges from 34 oz-in. for PKE243A-L unipolar model up to 77.8 oz-in. for PKE245DA-L bipolar model. Offered with standard or double shafts, motors achieve shaft speeds of more than 2,000 rpm with 24 Vdc driver. Low heat generation enables constant duty operation using less power than conventional stepping motor.

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Continuous Duty Stepping Motors

High efficiency 2-Phase PKE motor design reduces motor temperature rise

Torrance, CA - ORIENTAL MOTOR USA CORP announces the release of the PKE high torque, high efficiency stepping motors that can be driven at continuous duty cycles. The PKE motors are designed to provide maximum torque while creating efficiencies currently not available in the stepper motor market. Through the use of new technology in the form of new materials, advanced stator and rotor design and construction methods, the PKE stepping motors produce 1.2 to 1.5 times more torque than a conventional stepping motor while significantly reducing the power loss common in stepping motors. Key benefits of the higher efficiency are lower heat generation (78%) by the motor, constant duty operation and up to 40% less power consumption when compared to a conventional stepping motor. CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 15kg less than a conventional model.

(CO2 emissions: Oriental Motor PK245DB 37kg/year Oriental Motor PKE245DB-L 22kg/year equals a 40% reduction).

Oriental Motors' new high-efficiency technology used in the PKE stepping motors can lower operating costs by reducing the number of cooling fans that may be required, extend the service life of the equipment by operating cooler and reduce potential problems due to thermal expansion. Increased torque allows for downsizing the motor for space constraint applications.

The PKE stepping motor is available with a motor frame size of 1.65" sq and three stack lengths of 1.3 in. (PKE243x), 1.54 in. (PKE244x) and 1.85 in. (PKE245x). All of the PKE stepping motors are available with a standard shaft or double shafts and both unipolar and bipolar windings. Output torque from the different models ranges from 34 oz-in for the PKE243A-L unipolar model up to 77.8 oz-in for the PKE245DA-L bipolar motor. Shaft speeds in excess 2000 rpm can be achieved with the PKE Series motors with a 24VDC driver.

Oriental Motor is a world leader in the manufacturing of sub-fractional horsepower AC induction and reversible motors, 2 and 5-phase stepping motor, driver and controller systems, AC and DC speed control motor systems, electric linear and rotary actuators, and cooling fans. More than 1500 of our over 10,000 standard products are available for same day delivery to our users in many diverse industries.

For more information on the AR Series, visit: http://www.orientalmotor.com/products/ac-dc-step-motors/2-phase-step-motors-PKE.html

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