High-Torque Electric Brake suits heavy industry equipment.

Press Release Summary:

Fitting into drive system of any heavy industry equipment, Series 7EC Electric Caliper brake features torque capacity of 500-5,000 lb-ft and speed up to 10,000 sfpm. Spring-set/electrically-released brake is used for dynamic stopping, E-stop, and/or holding-only applications, and can be mounted directly to drive shaft, bolted to coupling hub, or directly to large motors. Electrical operation eliminates need for hydraulic or pneumatic components or systems.

Original Press Release:

Stearns® Division Launches New High-Torque Brake for Enhanced Performance, Productivity

Milwaukee, Wis. - The Rexnord Industries, LLC Stearns® Division has launched a new high torque brake designed to easily fit into the drive system of any type of heavy industry equipment.

The Series 7EC Electric Caliper brake is spring-set/electrically-released, and is used for dynamic stopping, E-stop, and/or holding-only applications. The floating caliper design compliments a variety of tough industry equipment, including: material handling systems, commercial elevators, industrial lifts, wind turbines, hillside trams, and lock-gate hoists for hydro-electric dams.

"Stearns is the number one supplier of spring-set electrically-released motor brakes in North America," said Gary Zwick, Stearns Product Manager. "The new electric caliper brake will continue to bring our customers a top-of-the-line product with efficient technology that outlasts the competition, meaning lower maintenance costs and increased productivity."

Part of that efficiency is the brake's ability to easily adapt to drive systems. The disc can be mounted in several locations, including:

o Directly to a drive shaft (i.e. the disc can incorporate a hub, with a QD bushing)

o Bolted to a coupling hub

o Directly to large motors: motor manufacturers can fit the disc to an extended shaft on accessory end of motor

High capacities in torque (500-5,000 lb.-ft.) and speed (up to 10,000 surface feet per minute) are also part of the product's easy-to-use design. A high thermal capacity provides additional user versatility through the ability to incorporate gradual stops for high inertia loads.

The brake's electrical operation eliminates the need for hydraulic or pneumatic components or systems, bringing users a simple, clean and low-maintenance installation. An optional environmental/corrosion protection package, which meets IEEE 45 requirements for marine/maritime applications, is also available.

For more information on the Series 7EC Electric Caliper Brake, request our Product Sheet (P/N 8-178-000-36), or visit the Rexnord Web site at stearns.rexnord.com.

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