High-Throughput Linerless Print and Apply Labeling System

The industry leader in high-speed labeling technology

Print-and-apply labeling systems are typically the limiting factors for maximizing throughputs. Our high-speed linerless print and apply system combines one of the fastest print engines on the market with a linerless applicator system, obtaining speeds of up to 100 ppm. With over 2,500 units in service, Bell and Howell has set a new standard for labeling solutions.

With no label liner present, our systems produce 220% more labels per roll than traditional 12" OD units. This environmentally friendly system operates more efficiently and requires less downtime for label supply replenishment. Adding to its versatility is the ability to produce variable length labels on demand.

Bell and Howell has recently unveiled an innovative system that leverages this patented linerless technology, designed for top apply applications on cartons varying in height more than 12".

With a standard 36" variance in product height, this system, when combined with the Bell and Howell intelligent gap controls, can achieve an average throughput of 70-80 ppm from a single print head. This is more than 3 times the speed of a traditional servo-driven system. The days of mounting 3 or 4 printer applicators to achieve acceptable throughputs are a thing of the past. The linerless technology incorporated into this system provides the same benefits in regard to up time and label size flexibility. The system's modular design allows for quick replacement of components, reducing the need for redundancy.

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