High-Temperature Compounds enable lead-free soldering.

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Based on VICTREX® PEEK, LCP, PPS, PPA, and HTN resins, Custom Thermoplastic Compounds withstand temperatures of 260°C or greater. They are suited for applications that meet WEEE and RoHS lead-free directives, which call for elimination of substances deemed hazardous from electronic equipment.

Original Press Release:

RTP Company Customizes High Temperature Compounds that Meet Lead-Free Soldering Challenges in the Electronic Industry

RTP Company has formulated a wide range of custom thermoplastic compounds that withstand the higher temperatures of lead-free soldering in electronic assemblies.

RTP Company's independence combined with an expertise of modifying high temperature resins with reinforcement and additive technologies allows the company to objectively offer custom compounds for applications that will meet the WEEE and RoHS lead-free directives. The directives, which originated in Europe, call for the elimination of certain substances deemed hazardous - including lead - from most electronic equipment starting July 2006.

The primary challenge in transitioning to lead-free soldering alternatives is adapting to the higher temperatures that are required in the lead-free soldering process. Components exposed to lead-free solder alloys must be capable of withstanding temperatures of 260 degrees C or greater. Impacted the most by this requirement are the thermoplastic materials in connectors and board level components such as capacitor housings and potentiometers. As a result, high temperature thermoplastic technology has become a critical factor in product design.

RTP Company's engineers have developed compounds suitable for lead-free soldering based on the following resins: VICTREX® PEEK, LCP, PPS, PPA, and HTN. A comprehensive list of products that meet the high temperature challenges and their datasheets are available on the company's website at www.rtpcompany.com/soldering.

An RTP 3400 Series Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) compound was custom formulated for Accumold, a manufacturer of systems and components using high temperature thermoplastics, for a molded rotor component. The compound meets the demanding high temperature requirements for lead-free soldering. "We not only have to be on the leading edge of technology with the pending regulations, we have to be on the bleeding edge," proclaimed Mitch Carlson, Vice President at Accumold. "We rely heavily on RTP Company's expertise in resin technology when selecting materials for such demanding requirements."

RTP Company, headquartered in Winona, Minnesota, is a global leader in specialty compounding. The company has six manufacturing plants on three continents, plus sales representatives throughout North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific. RTP Company's engineers develop customized thermoplastic compounds in over 60 different engineering resin systems for applications requiring color, conductive, flame retardant, high temperature, shielding, structural, and wear resistant properties. For more information call (800) 433-4787 or (507) 454-6900, or visit our website at www.rtpcompany.com.

Accumold designs and fabricates complex micro-molds and small molds/insert molds for some of the world's leading companies. They provide world class service to a variety of industries that include: General Electronics, Automotive Sensors, Fiber Optics, Medical Applications, and Military. For more information, go to www.accu-mold.com.

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