High-Speed Printer Modules work with labeling systems.

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DPM Dispensing Print Modules, with 64-bit microprocessor, provide 16 in./sec print speed, 300 dpi resolution, and easy integration into print-and-apply labelers. Modules are equipped with internal library containing most popular 1D and 2D bar codes and 17 standard and 2 scalable fonts. Additional fonts, logos and graphics can be stored on a 32-megabyte compact flash card. Multi-tasking operating system handles all communications and printing functions.

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New Avery Dennison Dispensing Print Modules with 64-bit Technology Feature Fast Image Processing and 16-inch-per-second Print Speeds

OEMs and systems integrators can incorporate print modules into print-and-apply labeling systems

A new family of high-speed print modules featuring 64-bit microprocessor technology is now available from Avery Dennison Printer Systems Americas. The products, called the AVERY DENNISON(TM) DPM Dispensing Print Modules, are configured for easy integration into print-and-apply labeling systems. The advanced design can handle the most critical label printing applications while maximizing productivity. Potential users include systems integrators and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

"The AVERY DENNISON(TM) DPM Dispensing Print Modules have faster image processing, faster print speeds at higher resolutions, and greater flexibility and versatility than virtually any other product on the market," says Gene Korzeniewski, manager of product development, Avery Dennison Printer Systems Americas. "Systems integrators and OEMs can employ the DPM module in demanding print-and-apply labeling systems where throughput and operational efficiency are essential requirements."

The DPM family offers high-quality 300-dot-per-inch printing, at maximum speeds of 16 inches per second. The modules' 64-bit microprocessing technology provides extremely fast image processing, facilitating production of complex labels with constantly varying data. Their multi-tasking operating system simultaneously handles all communications and printing functions, eliminating delays or interruptions between print runs.

The print modules are equipped with an extensive internal library containing most popular 1D and 2D bar codes and 17 standard and two scalable fonts. Additional fonts, logos and graphics can be stored on a 32-megabyte compact flash card.

For added flexibility the DPM modules' unique pull-feed mechanism allows them to handle the widest variety of label sizes and material constructions. There are also multiple dispense-edge configurations that allow for both direct dispense onto products as well as integration with applicator heads.

The DPM family incorporates a multilingual two-line alphanumeric display and color-coded operator adjustments to minimize training and set-up time. For added convenience the display can be rotated 360 degrees so that it can be easily read in any orientation.

The print modules' 1000-meter ribbon supply permits extended operation without ribbon changes. A ribbon-saver mechanism conserves ribbon on portions of the label that are not printed, extending ribbon life and reducing material costs.

The print modules have a built-in dot-check feature that can test the print head to confirm all elements are functioning properly. If any problems are detected, the operator is alerted. If print head replacement is required, it can be accomplished by the user, eliminating the need for a service call.

All of these features ensure increased productivity and reduce unnecessary downtime.

The AVERY DENNISON(TM) DPM Dispensing Print Modules come in left- and right-hand orientations. The industry-standard mounting configuration allows for easy integration into both new and existing print-and-apply product labeling systems.

DPM print modules are available in three versions: the DPM4, DPM5 and DPM6, featuring print widths of 4.2, 5 and 6.3 inches respectively. The DPM4 and DPM5 handle labels widths up to 5.4 inches, while the DPM6 processes label widths up to 7.6 inches.

Avery Dennison Printer Systems Americas offers worldwide solutions to industry for product identification. Products and services include Web-based supply chain management solutions, service bureaus, in-house imprinting systems and software, fully and partially preprinted tags, labels and label forms, sequential bar code tags and labels, electronic article surveillance (EAS) tags and labels, fastener products and consulting services. Major markets include retail, apparel, softlines and hardgoods.

Avery Dennison Printer Systems supports global customers through a network of divisions throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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