High Power Connectors reach current rating of 60.0 A/blade.

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EXTreme Ten60Power(TM) modular, high-current power and signal connector offers coplanar and right-angle board-to-board orientation and 10 mm tall housing. High-current contact blades, in 5.50 mm dc and 7.50 mm ac spacing, are rated up to 60.0 A/blade at 30º T-rise, providing up to 260.0 A/linear in. It is available in 1-10 power blade modules and 6-36 signal modules, with either end-mount or top-mount guidance. Wire-to-board options are available as well.

Original Press Release:

Molex Introduces Modular High-Current Power and Signal Connector System with 60.0A per Blade Rating

LISLE, Ill. - April 16, 2009 - Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLX AND MOLXA) introduced today a high-power connector that can reach a current rating of 60.0A per blade at a 30º T-rise. Molex's EXTreme Ten60Power(TM) family offers a higher current density and a lower profile than any competing product.

Designed for use in power supplies, servers, routers, one and two rack unit (RU) modular enclosures, chassis-based systems, storage and industrial controllers, the EXTreme Ten60Power family features a modular high-current power and signal connector system in a coplanar and right-angle board-to-board orientation. It also provides a maximum current-to-space ratio packaged in a low profile, 10.00mm (.394") tall housing design that enhances system airflow.

"As systems become more complex, board designers need more options," said Ken Stead, manager of new product development, Molex Incorporated. "Molex is providing engineers with a variety of options, including plug, right-angle and vertical receptacles, as well as an assembly that allows modules to be arranged in any configuration and to make larger circuit sizes."

The EXTreme Ten60Power family's high-current contact blades in DC (5.50mm) and AC (7.50mm) spacing options provide design flexibility. Power blades are rated up to 60.0A per blade, providing up to 260.0A per linear inch of board real estate. Both the plug and receptacle utilize reliable, proven Molex power and signal contact designs.

The high-current connector is available in one through 10 power blade modules and six though 36 signal modules along with either end-mount or top-mount guidance. Wire-to-board options are also available. For additional information on Molex's EXTreme Power(TM) product offering, visit: www.molex.com/link/ext-power.html.

About Molex Incorporated

Molex Incorporated is a 70-year-old global manufacturer of electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnection systems. Based in Lisle, Illinois, USA, the company operates 45 manufacturing locations in 17 countries. The Molex website is www.molex.com.

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