High Performance UV Cure Chamber Accepts Diversity of Part Sizes

Rocky Hill, Conn. - February 20, 2007.... Henkel Corporation has introduced the Loctite® UVALOC 1000 UV Cure Chamber, a high performance modular adhesive curing system that allows the user to position parts of various heights and sizes at the optimum exposure level for complete adhesive cure.

Depending upon the height of the rack, the Loctite® UVALOC 1000 UV Cure Chamber provides a typical UV irradiance from 35 mW/cm2 to 110 mW/cm2 in a cure area that measures 9-inches wide by 13.75 inches deep by 12 inches high. The system consists of a cure chamber, lamp housing, controller, UV sensor with built-in digital intensity display, connecting cable, power cord and footswitch. While a 365 nm mercury vapor lamp comes standard with the system, iron doped and gallium doped lamps are also available.

This cure system offers several safety features. Dual power settings of 500 or 1000 watts allow temperature sensitive parts to be cured without heat damage. A pneumatically operated shutter prevents operator exposure to UV energy during the loading of unloading process. The chamber door features a safety switch that prevents the door from being opened during the cure cycle. The UV lamp will shut off if temperatures exceed a set limit, and a sensor continually monitors lamp intensity and activates a pre-set alarm when intensity levels are low.

The built-in digital timer on the Loctite® UVALOC 1000 UV Cure System allows exposure time to be set in one-second increments between from 3 seconds to 15 minutes. The footswitch initiates cure. A parabolic-shaped reflector ensures that the cure chamber is uniformly irradiated.

For more information on the Loctite® UVALOC 1000 UV Cure System, call 1-800-323-5106, or visit the company's equipment website at equipment.loctite.com. Reference part number 910496.

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