High Function RFID to Be Presented at RFID JOURNAL LIVE! 2014

West Chester and Pittsburgh, PA – Vanguard ID Systems partners with Powercast Corporation to deliver the world's most functional RFID products. "High Function RFID" is a term coined by Powercast's Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Charles Greene. This term is used to describe the high functionality and efficiency level of these new passive RFID tags, which have more than 10X the operational power compared to standard passive RFID tags. The tags, used for sensing, computation, and user interaction, may be the new ground-breaking tags of RFID Journal LIVE! 2014. These tags are highly beneficial in numerous manufacturing, maintenance, and industrial applications including the reading of temperature throughout a tag's journey. With excellent sensitivity and unprecedented efficiency, the read-range of these ground-breaking tags is 25-30 feet. Tags available, or in development, include temperature, vibration, humidity, tilt, moisture content, bi-stable display, and visual indication to name a few.

These patented High Function RFID tags, which are engineered to include Powercast's Integrated Circuits (ICs) as well as an RFID chip, are protected by Teslin® provided by Vanguard ID Systems. Teslin® acts like bubble wrap to protect the RFID inlay from the elements and any other harsh environments. Vanguard's process of manufacturing these High Function RFID tags includes materials that enable the tag to be waterproof, weather resistant, flexible, reusable, and battery-free. Additionally, the tag is fully customizable to include logos and personalized artwork and is packaged with an environmentally safe material.

These High Function RFID tags, enabled by Powercast's ICs and technology, dramatically change the abilities of the passive RFID market. This is a joint effort between Vanguard ID Systems and Powercast Corporation who both hold numerous international RFID related patents.

Powercast Corporation is the leading provider of high-efficiency RF power harvesting products and technology. Focused on battery-free and Lifetime Power® (25+ years) battery powered products, Powercast has been located in Pittsburgh, PA for over ten years.

Vanguard ID Systems is a pioneer and leading manufacturer of bar coded and RFID cards and tags. Sitting beneath 1,700 solar panels, 24 miles West of Philadelphia; this eco-friendly manufacturing plant recently celebrated its 26th year in business.

Contact: Alan Neves, Global RFID Account Manager

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