High-Energy Permanent Magnets from Chino Magnetism

Chino Magnetism is introducing their new sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets & Samarium-Cobalt, Bonded Earth & Ceramic (Ferrite) magnets as well as a selection of magnetic products. Sintered & bonded ferrites, NdFeB & SmCo, sintered & cast Alnico, deformed FeCrCo & flexible magnets are provided. Chino manufactures, designs & assembles high-energy permanent magnets and offers production assemblies, custom assemblies & prototype assemblies.

Chino's Applications include MRI, automotive, motor, computer peripherals, cellular phones & HiFi audio systems.

Beijing Jingci Magnetism Technology Co. (BJMT) is one of the largest manufacturers of sintered NdFeB magnets in China. BJMT was founded in 1987 and since its establishment, there were high growing rates every year. Now, BJMT is a company with 4 factories and 400 employees, with a production capacity of 1000 metric tons of sintered NdFeB magnets per year.

The magnets of BJMT are mainly applied in MRI, automotive, Motor, computer peripherals, cellular phone and HiFi audio system including various kinds of loudspeakers.

BJMT supplies its products to customers across Asia, Europe and North America with the support of its own local distributors in Germany and the United States. BJMT offers its customers high quality rare earth magnets in a wide range of different shapes, sizes and grades. The whole production from the raw material mining till the packing and shipping of the finished magnets is done by BJMT itself. BJMT obtained ISO9002:1994 in 1998 and ISO9001:2000 in 2002. Now BJMT follows its Quality Management System strictly in her daily operation.

In March 6, 2000, BJMT and Sumitomo Special Metals Corp.(SSMC) signed a patent license agreement, by which BJMT's products can be sold in North America and Europe. Now, BJMT is in a good position to expand its business in both United States and European Community. The long-term target of BJMT is to be one of the Top Ten on the international market.

Sumitomo Special Metals Co., Ltd. (Sumitomo) and Beijing Jingci Magnetism Tech. Co., (BJMT) concluded a Patent License Agreement dated March 6, 2000 regarding the manufacture and sales of Nd-Fe-B type anisotropic sintered magnets.

1.Cross-License Agreement between Sumitomo and Magnequench
Sumitomo have entered into a Cross-License Agreement with Magnequench that covers their respective Nd-Fe-B magnet patents. Under this Cross-License Agreement, Sumitomo have a license under the Magnequench patents in the United States with respect to sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets. Most of Sumitomo's licensees(including BJMT) are also covered by this license with respect to Nd-Fe-B patents held by Magnequench.

2.Expiration Dates of the Basic Patents held by Sumitomo and Magnequench
Sumitomo holds many patents on Nd-Fe-B magnets and magnetic materials. Although some Sumitomo patents will begin to expire in 2003,other Sumitomo patents relating to Nd-Fe-B magnets will not expire until 2014.

3.Contact for futher information regarding Sumitomo's patents and patent licenses, please contact:(http://www.sumitomosma.com)

Intellectual Property Department
Sumitomo Special Metals Co.,Ltd.
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Mishima-gun 618-0013 Osaka,Japan

*Covers Nd-Fe(,Co)-B anisotropic magnetic materials.
**USP 5,645,651 covers a compound having tetragonal crystal structure and is valid until July 8,2014. The validity and enforceability of this patent were verified in the US ITC proceeding where Sumitomo and Magnequench jointly won the exclusion order. This patent applies not only to Cocontaining compounds but also to compounds not including Co and/or compounds with additives such as Dy.

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