High Energy Conical Mill excels in sub-400 µm d97 target range.

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Fully containing all products in processing and receiving sections of machine to 1 µg/m³ levels, portable H20 High Energy Comil® meets yield efficiencies and narrow particle size distribution demands of API, fine chemical, and cosmetic powder processing facilities. Containment features include safety-interlocked impeller purged seal and sealed mill housing. Along with adjustable speed, machine offers particle size distribution milling control for d97 targets in the 250-400 µm range.

Original Press Release:

Quadro Engineering Corp. Introduces NEW High Energy Mill

WATERLOO, ON — Quadro Engineering introduces the new H20 High Energy Comil®, the next generation of conical milling for API, fine chemical and cosmetic powder processing.

The H20 Comil® is designed to meet unprecedented yield efficiencies and the narrow particle size distribution demands of API, fine chemical and cosmetic powder processing facilities worldwide.  The H20 offers best-in-class, cGMP, high-containment sanitary features, RPM adjustable capabilities, and a portable, high-quality equipment design that you have come to trust from Quadro.

Product containment and minimization of operator exposure to fine chemicals, APIs and cosmetic powders are of increasing importance; however, achieving these levels can be expensive, given the additional equipment required.  The H20 High Energy Comil® is designed to fully contain all products in the processing and receiving sections of the machine to 1 µg/m3 levels, enabling pharmaceutical processors to achieve desired containment levels with minimal additional capital investment.  Containment features include safety-interlocked impeller purged seal, a tightly sealed mill housing, and optional wash-in-place (WIP) capabilities.  The H20 Comil® is available in an XP Version, and with ATEX certification.

The H20 Comil offers significant advantages in particle size distribution milling control for d97 targets in the 250-400µm range (typically 30 – 70% more size reduction than traditional conical mills).  The innovative design of the mill housing with optional independently controlled feeder, enhances powder incorporation rate adjustability, resulting in very narrowly focused powder distribution curve spans to reduce out-of-spec product waste.  The H20 provides a wide RPM milling range to accurately shift target particle distributions up or down, particularly important when milling multiple powders with varying characteristics.  Additionally, the H20 offers a wide range of screens and impellers, enabling greater milling control and product quality.

A breakthrough benefit of the H20 High Energy Comil® technology is the ability to provide higher percentage yield efficiencies for most production applications when compared to traditional mills in the sub-400ìm d97 target range.  This extremely high rate of product recovery greatly reduces associated costs from product waste, and time spent in report preparation when notifying governing bodies of excess API losses.

Quadro Engineering, a Unit of IDEX Material Processing Technologies (Elmhurst, IL) has been a trusted partner of the majority of the world’s top pharmaceutical, chemical and food ingredient processing customers for more than three decades.  Specializing in solid dosage milling, security screening, liquid powder dispersing and emulsifying, Quadro is known globally, for their quality services, application support and leading technology brands, including Quadro Comil®, and the Ytron® line of liquid mixing equipment.  The Company was founded in 1976 and is located in Waterloo, ON, Canada.  Visit www.quadrocomil.com, e-mail quadrosales@idexcorp.com or contact us at (519) 884-9660 for further information.


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