High Current Driver suits 2- and 4-phase motors.

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Model SD275 accepts pulses and direction signals and generates phase currents when paired with 2-phase and 4-phase stepper motors. Input capability ranges up to 6 A of continuous current per phase. Built-in 24-75 Vdc power supply is included for standalone installation. Eight switchable high-resolution settings range from 200 steps-per-revolution at 1.8º to 10,000 steps-per-revolution at 0.036º. Heat-sink chip provides thermal management.

Original Press Release:

NYDEN's New SD275 High Current Driver (for 2 and 4-Phase Motors) Delivers Optimal Performance Up to 6 Amps.

San Jose, CA-Nyden Corporation, today, announced the latest addition to its family of intelligent drivers designed to exceed the demanding needs of future Motion Control Technology. The company's SD275 is expected to dramatically outperform many constant current bipolar chopper drivers available in the industry today with its straightforward approach to hook-up and control flexibility. Its main role is to accept pulses and direction signals and generate phase currents when paired with most 2-Phase and 4-Phase stepper motors. Its main advantage over other DC Drivers in the industry today is its high-powered input capability ranging up to 6 amps of continuous current per phase, making it a perfect driver choice to power motors larger than Nema sizes 34 and 42. This accomplishment makes NYDEN one of only a handful of companies in the U.S. supplying a 6-amp high powered 2-Phase/4-Phase DC driver that is both affordable and ideal for large applications requiring high resistance and heavy load/torque

The driver architecture features appropriate power system selection for user's specified speed. User may select load speed-torque characteristics adaptable to their required application. A built-in 24-75V DC power supply is also included for fast, standalone installation. Furthermore, the architecture features continuous fault detection circuitry such as Overheat Protection and Signal at 80ºC or higher and Auto-Current Down, and contributes to optimal motor running accuracy and the nullification of system resonance with its inclusion of 8 switchable high-resolution settings ranging from 200 steps-per-revolution at 1.8º to 10,000 steps-per-revolution at 0.036º. A newly designed heat-sink chip included serves as an important source of thermal management. The chip enhances heat dissipation from a high temperature to a wider surface of cooler ambient, and guarantees integrated active cooling. With the primary purpose of maintaining a low temperature and maximizing hardware reliability, the chip effectively enhances the driver's life expectancy and its component life.

Nyden's new SD275 is designed to be universally modular in order to facilitate a variety of machine design requirements and adapt to a wide range of applications during quick equipment start-up or reprogramming. It also provides the most efficient output power and acceleration rate for machine manufacturers to design critical systems such as robotics, pick-and-place machines, semiconductor processing equipment, dispensing systems, specialty automated machines and aerospace equipment.

Additional on-board features include clockwise and counter-clockwise movement, reset functions, direction and pulse signals, current-off and overheat signals, and a function switch setting for step angle (resolution) and auto-current down. Full high energy protection offering is included, such as line-to-line and line-to-neutral shorts, internal power supply under-voltage and bus over-voltage. For enhanced flexibility, 8 user-selectable resolution settings are programmable: 200 steps-per-revolution at 1.8º, 400 steps-per-revolution at 0.9º, 1000 steps-per-revolution at 0.36º, 1600 steps-per-revolution at 0.225º, 2000 steps-per-revolution at 0.18º, 3200 steps-per-revolution at 0.1125º, 6400 steps-per-revolution at 0.05825º, and 10,000 steps-per-revolution at 0.036º.

Nyden Corporation, located in San Jose, California, is the R&D and sales headquarters for MYCOM, INC., of Kyoto, Japan. The company's unique approach to customer service success is achieved by the support of thousands of engineers and end-users worldwide. A multi-million dollar company, Nyden is proud to carry MYCOM's patented 5-Phase STAR Driver Stepping Systems, a series of low-cost 5-Phase stepper motors and drivers that offer increased true resolution with virtually no low speed resonance problems. The company is also the first to design the world's highest Nano-type 5-Phase Series. The NanoDrive(TM) offers users true resolution of over 500,000 steps per revolution for the highest accuracy and lowest vibration possible.

Nyden Corporation supplies a new generation of motion control systems geared for every type of application. We offer 5-phase & 2-phase stepper motors with matching drivers, customized multi-axis programmable stand-alone controllers for steppers and digital servos, ISA and PCI-Bus motion controller cards, and a variety of motion-related accessories. We also work as contractors toward the design of our customers' most fundamental motion control-related application.

For a copy of NYDEN's full color motion control engineer's guide, contact Mr. Roger O'Tate Sullivan at 408-232-7700, or for more information, please look us up at www.NYDEN.com.

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